Mind-blowing Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

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Content marketing occupies a huge portion of time for many brands. Whether you’re promoting your products on social media or pitching for a cause via email, it’s absolutely essential to have solid content to offer audiences. Without a great content marketing strategy, it is highly unlikely that a brand will succeed in any long-term fashion. Because of this, a strong content marketing strategy is necessary. Many are finding that video marketing is the most effective form of content marketing, but it can also be more time-consuming. In order to motivate you to consider video marketing, we’ve put together a list of some mind-blowing video marketing stats that you’ll want to know.

Majority of People Regularly Watch Video Content

For the first time ever, a majority of internet users report watching videos on a daily basis. Video is now becoming the most preferred form of content, signifying a major shift in how search engines, social media and email marketing efforts will operate in the future. In order to ensure you’re pinging URLs to content that is relevant, you absolutely should consider serving up as much video content as possible. Through a variety of marketing strategies, you can make exciting videos that appeal to people on Facebook, YouTube and your website alike. By using more videos in your content marketing strategy, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience that wouldn’t otherwise take the time to read your content.

Live Videos Get More Attention

Relevant for social media, more brands are taking advantage of live or streaming video functions embedded into the platforms. As it turns out, nearly three times as many people watch and engage with live videos than do with your standard videos on the same platform. This means that brands seeking a way to optimize video content distribution have a vested interest in doing more live streams. Whether you want to showcase the inner workings of your brand or transform a prior text-based post into a more interactive live feed, there is ample benefit and reason to use this function more often. Best of all, this content will remain indefinitely on your social media profile in most cases, meaning that you can share it on your blog, via email and through other mediums for maximum reach.

Most Facebook Video Views are Soundless

Ever since Facebook enabled its auto-play function, people have been complaining. Fortunately (for now), these videos play without sound. Because of this, most video views on the social media giant are seen without sound. This means that in many cases, your promotional video content can be produced without the need for expensive sound/audio work. In many cases, brands don’t even bother with sound for short video segments if the message can be conveyed via video. Ultimately, pinging links to videos on Facebook can be done either way – but know that a lack of audio (as long as your video message is clear) isn’t a deal-breaker.

Whether it’s the fact that most social media videos are watched without sound, that live videos generate much more interest or that most people now regularly consume video content, it’s important to understand how video marketing is changing. By applying these statistics with a bit of common sense and foresight, your brand can easily produce short, effective videos that almost do your brand’s marketing for you.


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