How to Build a Great Content Marketing Team

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Content TeamMany have considered what is needed to start a diverse, effective and successful content marketing team in today’s climate. With technology permitting individuals to work with one another from anywhere in the world, older considerations of logistics and effectiveness have now been replaced with newer considerations of efficiency, profit and diversification. Whether you are dealing with writing, web design, social media or all of the above, a bold strategy is in order. If you have been attempting to put together the proper pieces of the puzzle for a successful venture into content marketing, then it is vital that you consider the following tips to make your pursuit more effective.

Creative Brainstorming Outlet

Whether you are dealing with just one aspect of content marketing or multiple strategies, you will want to encourage the art of brainstorming and facilitate its use in an easy-to-use format. If you are doing copywriting for various clients, you may wish to encourage your writers to come up with auxiliary ideas that can later be suggested to various clients. For example, you may find Pingler’s Keyword Suggestion Generator to be helpful in giving clients additional ideas to expand their business – and yours, too. We suggest using a “crowdsourced” or cloud-based utility like Google Drive to stay in touch with all of your workers and to allow for creative brainstorming in these areas to be recorded for all to see.

Procure Engaging Writers

While there are many good writers available in one sense of the word or another, you will want to employ the best writers – those who can generate hype, speak effectively and creatively to an audience all while utilizing base components of writing that lead to conversions, clicks and revenue. You may find it better to hire an individual writer for each specific niche in which you plan to work; someone suited for technology writing may not be your best bet on romance articles. You should also keep your eyes open for specific niche writers that may not be currently on the payroll; by contracting with these writers on a limited or recurring basis, you can call on them when needed.

Effective Social Network Marketing

It is a known fact that in order to be successful in this day and age, you must have a viable social networking presence. Having the ability to target and raise brand recognition among users is the best way to build the long-term presence of your content marketing team. You will also want to bring in some of your writers to help with the project; having an active profile on sites such as Facebook can accelerate the growth and recognition of your team by reaching audiences that may otherwise never come across your content or offerings. Also, be sure to follow-up with those who comment on your page: personal relationships are key in social networking!


By giving your writers a medium in which to be creative, hiring/contracting said writers from a variety of diverse categories and establishing a formidable social networking presence, you will have created the foundation for a stable, successful future as a content marketing team. While other challenges will await, completing these will make your initial struggles far easier.

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