Five Things to do After Writing a New Blog Post

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Blog PostAfter you have finished pouring your heart and soul into your latest blog post, you may think that you are finished with it and can leave it to propagate on its own. Unfortunately, the internet is much more complex these days and you cannot reasonably expect your latest blog addition to pop up on the screens of countless viewers without something hard work and a consistent routine. For those who have been publishing content for some time and have yet to reap true results in the form of steady viewership, we have compiled a list of five must-do things to be completed after every blog posting.

Optimize Your Post Title

Once you have written the post, it is a good idea to read it back and isolate the main topics and recurring words in the post. Using a tool such as Google Adwords keyword selection tool (free), you can then generate a list of the most popular search queries that revolve around those words. After you have this information, return to your post and consider optimizing the title to go hand-in-hand with those results – while maintaining your own creative element. By pinging to Google phrases that match popular terms, you are sure to get more exposure.

Distribute via Social Media

If you are not posting to social media each new update to your blog, then you are missing out on one of the newest and most rapidly-growing segments of internet traffic for blogs. By having accounts on Facebook, Twitter and others, you can quickly and easily let all of your friends and subscribers know about any new updates. In addition to using scheduling features on your blog to postdate publication, many social networking sites offer the same ability to you for status updates.

Use URL Shorteners

When posting on other blogs or social networking outlets, be sure to use a shortened URL instead of the long-form version. Not only will this be necessary on sites like Twitter if you want to include a brief description of the blog post, but it also is more aesthetically pleasing than a large line of text.

Comment on Other Blogs

If you are looking for like-minded traffic, then consider posting on other similar blogs whenever you make an update. If you find a particular blog post from another blogger interesting, be sure to let them know so while also sharing your thoughts on the subject (aka your new blog post). Those who read the blog post and the comments will be more likely to click on your link if the information seems suitable, so be sure to incorporate your “plug” seamlessly.

Reach Out to Bloggers

If you know other bloggers in the same line of work as you, then you should reach out and encourage sharing between you and them whenever the other publishes a new blog post. Not only will this create stronger bonds among webmasters (and thus, traffic), but it will also help in pinging to Google all of your updates. Every additional link to one of your blog posts can only help you garner more traffic – both in direct referrals from other blogs, as well as the eventual PageRank increases you can expect to see as your site continues to grow and becomes more reputable.

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  1. January 22nd, 2013 3:29

    I have done some points as recommended above article. It’s just my lack of attention to the best time to send posts to social media so it is less traffic than the media.

    My question is:
    1. how do i know when the best time to send a post to social media.
    2. how do I know when the most traffic statistics on the social media.
    Thank you for sharing with me.


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