Four Tips for Building the Best Content Creation Team

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Content Creation TeamThere is no doubt that the world of content creation is a growing market, thanks to an ever-increasing share of the world deriving its news, entertainment and information from the internet. Many content creators may suddenly decide to embark upon a journey to build their own content creation teams for added profit and scope, while others (particularly larger brands) may need its own content creation team in order to produce consistent, quality content for its customers and readers. Whatever the motivation behind the need, a few simple elements must be in place before a reputable, efficient content creation team can be forged. In the following article, we will outline four tips to help you put these pieces of the puzzle together and create the best content team possible.

Outline Your Plan

Nobody likes brainstorming, but having a comprehensive plan in place for what the content creation team will provide is essential to long-term success. Nobody wants to be pinging online content without purpose, so any determinations on keywords, SEO, topic variation, conversions and other elements need to be made first. This should broadly consist of two key elements: the first is to determine what the goals of the content creation team are, and the second is to determine how best to accomplish these goals. From building relationships with customers to increasing the rate at which new visitors frequent your site, an established plan goes a long way toward making this a reality.

Build Your Team

With your goals determined, it is now time to begin enlisting the services of those who will comprise your content creation team. In most cases, you will have content creators, managing editors and a lead person (often yourself) that comprise the team. Content creators are the backbone of the team, as they will be responsible for the creation of infographics, websites, articles and any other necessary material. A managing editor will supervise these activities, proofread content to ensure that it is well-written and on-topic. The lead person is responsible for ideas, feedback and goal monitoring.

Conditioning Your Team

Anyone who is pinging online on your brand or company’s behalf will need to understand the guidelines and structure of said content and how it pertains to your goals. When selecting your team, it is vital that you pick individuals who are self-starters and possess the ability to create consistently good content – both in structure and style. With these fundamentals, it will be easy to provide information as to how content should be formatted, which sources are acceptable to use, whether or not a particular point of view should be used, and more. Templates can be of great assistance in helping to get every content creator on the same page.

Stay in Touch

Just because the bases have been covered does not mean that consistent feedback, oversight and instruction is not required. As a lead person, it will be your job to track the progress of goals, monitor how sales and traffic have been affected and whether or not others find your content desirable. Some content creation teams may provide their services to other clients where monitoring metrics will not be required, but most content creation teams situated around brands will need a lead person to keep track of this data.

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