What Makes a Marketing Team Awesome?

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Business TeamWith many challenges facing brands and businesses in the digital world, the need for a sound marketing strategy has never been greater. Whether you are on your own or managing a complex office of employees, there is a requirement that online brand reputation and marketing efforts be effective, streamlined and economically-efficient. All too many marketing efforts fall short because the team tasked with developing and deploying them lacks the core components necessary to make the effort truly awesome. Today, we’ll discuss what qualities are necessary for any marketing team to truly be successful and worth its weight in gold.

A Variety of Skills

There is much to be said about a person with a refined set of talents. When it comes to building an awesome marketing team, however, the range of skills and talents needs to be extensive. Not everybody will nor should be great at everything, let alone the same things. If you want to have strategies that resonate with varying audiences and the resolve to put all of the pieces together properly for any campaign, then you will need a variety of specialists, technical consultants and abstract idea-men. Pinging websites, email and social media with a strategy that is a mile deep and an inch wide will not produce sufficient results.

Proper Communication

Once you have a team with a wide variety of skill-sets, the next ingredient for success revolves around proper communication. Everybody has a preferred way in which to communicate ideas and instructions, but the important element in teamwork revolves around clear communication being the utmost priority. A streamlined interface for communication can help, but individuals must feel that their ideas are welcome and being heard in order to make that interface for communication actually effective.

Clear Leaders

A team is comprised of individuals, but functions as one body. Any marketing effort will need to be aware of this, but clear leadership is necessary for translating individual strengths into collective ones. Someone who is aware of how to behave, who needs encouragement and who can work proactively, and who knows how to resolve disagreements possesses the talents to unify an otherwise divided group of people. By establishing clear leadership for your marketing team, you’ll be able to harness the strengths of each person and use it for great things.

Outlined Responsibility

Any awesome marketing team must know what its responsibilities are in order to be truly successful. Individuals each will have a role to play in the day-to-day machinations of the job, but a team must also be aware of what deadlines they’re facing, which obstacles are more difficult and which objectives are mandatory. Clear leadership, proper communication and a diverse skill-set among the team will all be necessary in order for this to occur. Whether the marketing goal is to be pinging websites with re-targeting or earning new leads through email, workers must be aware of their responsibilities for each and every endeavour.

There are many other different characteristics that are valuable assets for marketing teams and teamwork in general. What must-have team dynamics do you recommend for marketing professionals


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