Boost Pinterest Performance with These Tips

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Pin BoardDespite the fact that Pinterest’s phenomenal growth has slowed in recent months, it still remains a huge social networking platform and will remain relevant for years to come. Many people have moved to Pinterest as a way to interact with customers and readers in a more interactive format than social networks like Facebook and Twitter currently offer. Fortunately, Pinterest is an easy to use and fun utility that encourages advertisers, users and content creators alike to enjoy its platform. Still, there are many people who fail to earn the number of impressions, pins and shares that they would like to see. These issues can be rectified with a little bit of knowledge and dedication: below, we will discuss some tips to help you on your way.

Identify Your Targets

If you want to have success on any social media network, then you will first need to know who it is you wish to reach. While we would all like to reach everyone in the world and convince them of the benefits of our pages and brands, this simply is not possible. When pinging URLs to various products and services, you will have to find your niche and sell, sell, sell. There are other questions you will need to ask once you determine who your target audience is: what format of media do they prefer? Do they value professionalism over personal interaction? The answers to these questions are one of the biggest keys to success on Pinterest or any other social media network.

Pin the Best

This seems simple enough, but it truly is a huge part of the Pinterest community. Since Pinterest revolves around the notion of sharing various images, videos and ideas, it only makes sense that you will need unique and interesting content in order to be successful. There are plenty of existing Pinterest accounts out there that can thrive off of pinning rehashed content: how do you plan to compete with them? The answer lies in your content – it must be original, it must be captivating and it must fill a demand on the network that is currently being underserved.

Share Current Trends

While you most certainly need unique content that will draw in new users to your Pinterest profile, it is also vital that you have content that can fill in the gaps – you certainly cannot expect to be able to create enough unique content for daily use. Whether you want to tie in the latest fashion trends with your topic or cover a recent news event, there are plenty of options that can be utilized to boost your activity, exposure and clout on the social media network.


If you want to boost your Pinterest performance and grow your clout on the social network, then there really are just a few tips you need to keep in mind. You want to first identify your targeted audience and find out what makes them tick. From there, you will want to create customized content for pinging URLs and that appeal to their sensibilities. Finally, you will want to take advantage of current trends on the network and in the real world and subsequently promote them via your page.

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