How e-Books Can Help You Generate More Leads

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eBooksIf you are like the average webmaster, chances are that you are constantly considering new and various methods for attracting new traffic and generating more revenue. While many may use real-world methods to achieve this result, an increasing number of individuals are turning to digital content creation in order to obtain new leads. Even though all websites can be classified as ‘digital content’, offering a standalone product such as an e-book can accomplish everything that a website does while also offering increased portability and additional chances of earning revenue. If you have been looking for additional leads and do not mind putting a concentrated amount of effort into a product, then publishing an e-book may be the perfect solution.

Offer A Sample

If you are wanting to attract readers and ultimately get them to purchase a particular product such as an e-book, then you will want to offer a sample of what they will receive. Companies that have great products do not mind offering trials and samples in order to entice their clientele; they know that their products are desirable and that most who try them will ultimately end up purchasing them. Many e-book publishers end up pinging a website‘s trial versions and promos to major search engines in order to gain that additional exposure. Once you have traffic coming in and an e-book to test, you are halfway to success.

Branding Benefits

An e-book is not just a simple way to generate revenue, but also a way to build your reputation and brand as a professional outlet for information, services and products. Particularly useful if offering multiple products and services, a well-designed e-book can provide customers with the sense that you have great offerings at a great value. This in turn can lead to one-time customers becoming recurring customers. By ensuring that the information and aesthetics of your e-book are in sync with one another, you can make lasting impressions that will lead to additional revenue and exposure.

Instant Gratification

How many times have you considered buying something at a local location as opposed to online, simply because it takes more time to receive it via the internet? With an e-book, this concern is moot. By being able to offer a product that is instantly deliverable, you can overcome some of the lost revenue from which other businesses suffer. Simple math tells us that if there are fewer instances of not being able to deliver instant gratification, there will be more revenue and leads generated in the process.

Insert Links

While you may already be pinging a website’s content to search engines, there is also a way in which you can monitor who is reading and interacting with your e-book. By placing links throughout the e-book that redirect to various pages on your site, you can see who is following through on your advice – giving you an overall metric of how much of an impact your e-book is generating. Separately, you may want to consider monitoring the number of downloads your e-book receives, and then correlate the two sets of numbers to determine your ratio of success.

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