Why Google Shopping Is a Must-Use Platform for Businesses

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Any online store wants to put its products and services in front of as many people as possible. Until recently, refining the marketing process was a tedious and sometimes impossible task, resulting in massive ad budget waste.

Today, however, products can be shown exactly to those who find interest in them. Over the past few years, Google Shopping has exploded in popularity, making it possible for brands to instantly gain visibility and earn sales.

Let’s examine why Google Shopping is a must-use platform for any online brand that needs additional leads and sales.

The Majority of Retail Clicks Come Through It

While AdWords and comparable platforms can allow you to advertise via search results directly or via Google Shopping, the latter is overwhelmingly dominating the retail game. Approximately three-fourths of all Google retail clicks in the United States market right now comes through the Shopping feature, making it a highly-prized source of traffic for both organic and paid marketers. Furthermore, more than 15% of all online sales occur via the Shopping feature.

Whether it is a desktop or mobile audience, the same trends generally apply: if you want your product to be genuinely seen and bought via Google, make sure to turn on the Shopping feature for your next campaigns. By pinging links to your products in this manner, you’ll generally put your products in front of audiences that do their shopping a bit differently than the standard search result provides.

A No-Frills Presentation for a New Era of Shopping

Marketing has its place, but increasingly, many audiences are becoming hostile to the notion of marketing campaigns that blatantly pander, spin or otherwise mislead. The great thing about Google Shopping is its basic, no-frills nature of product promotion: users are shown products, pictures, prices and reviews. They can then choose which products and listings they’d like to interact with, meaning that your product(s) being featured in it have a better chance of being seen by audiences that might scoff at traditional advertising campaigns.

Great for Niche Industries

While gaining organic visibility in Google Shopping can be difficult for those brands that do not have hundreds of products in their stores, niche markets have reported ample success in industries where competition is less stiff.

If you offer a particular product that others are not providing, then you very well may find a rapid explosion in sales via Shopping. Ultimately, many niches are saturated in terms of content – but not in terms of products. If you can take advantage of the situation by marketing your niche items and pinging links successfully, then Google Shopping may very well be a massive growth-driver for your brand.

As with all things Google, the benefits provided ultimately depend on how you use the platform. With Google Shopping, you have the ability to augment any existing paid marketing campaigns on the search engine giant – or in the case of smaller, niche brands, amplify your visibility among audiences who care about your offerings. We highly recommend investigating Google Shopping further, to see if the benefits could be just what your brand needs.

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