Double Your Audience Size Quickly With These Content Marketing Tips

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Double Audience As SEO becomes more nuanced and is constantly in the process of changing, content marketing increasingly is becoming more attractive to brand owners and bloggers who want to drum up attention for their projects in quick and meaningful ways. While content marketing can seem more straightforward on the surface than SEO, there are still many different pathways to success for those engaging in it. Before content marketing can provide the ample benefits that it is known for, however, bloggers and managers must first understand what components are most likely to boost engagement. Below, we’ll talk about a few simple tips to quickly double the size of your audience via content marketing.

Selecting the Perfect Content Convergence Point

In order to boost your audience, content selection is absolutely critical. Many brands and blogs decide on one particular, narrow topic in order to perform well in search and dominate a niche. While this tendency isn’t unjustified, content marketers will find more success when they take two seemingly related but slightly different topics and find a way to merge them under one roof. For instance, marketing content under the guise of education or technology may prove to be a hit with some audiences, but marketing content that focuses on technology’s role in education will bring in more people who are interested in either or both. Pinging for SEO may be a bit more difficult here, but the trade-off in content marketing success is well worth it.

Serving the Needs of an Audience

Most people begin writing or creating content with the aim of discussing their interests in some way. Successful content creation, unfortunately, revolves around what a particular audience craves. Because of this, your chosen topics and content must be skewed to reflect this reality. Content skewing pertains to the simple tweaking of content in order to appeal to a core attribute within your audience. While some niches may present opportunities in which straightforward discussion is enough to build dominance, most niches these days require market research into what existing and prospective audiences find appealing. By tweaking your content to reflect this reality, your existing audience will begin to grow more rapidly as a higher percentage of them begin sharing it.

Cultivating the Audience

As your content’s audience continues to grow, it is important to take steps to ensure as many of them as possible keep returning. While sheer numbers in terms of viewers and visitors is important, retaining them is equally vital. A variety of methods can be configured to learn more about your existing audience – surveys, email subscription forms, metrics on social media signals, and more – and the data can then be used to help further refine targeting efforts. Much like pinging for SEO means custom-tailoring keywords for SERPs, pinging for this user data helps bloggers and content creators produce better content that will retain as many of these new visitors as possible.


Content marketing takes time and dedication in order to perfect, but growing an audience quickly can be done through the use of a few short and simple tactics. By combining multiple angles and themes into one seamless niche, serving the needs of an audience and finding ways to convince them to disclose more nuanced information, you can quickly double the size of a blog or website’s audience.

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