How to Keep Your e-Commerce Site Afloat

E-commerceThe nature of the internet has brought about new ways in which people can engage in just about every activity. From dating and socializing with friends, to research and entrepreneurial passions, the World Wide Web has revolutionized it all. The area of online commerce has become a boom in the past fifteen years; as more and more people procure computers, tablets and other mobile devices, the demand for products and services through the web has increased substantially. Because of this, we have seen an explosion of e-commerce models online that make it easier than ever to start a business. Competition can be a dangerous thing, however, and many businesses find themselves closing up shop shortly after they open their virtual doors. If you want to stay afloat and compete in the world of online commerce, then continue reading to find out some simple ways in which to do so.

Minimize Your Shipping Charges

In the world of online commerce, it’s a given that there is always someone out there who can provide a product or service at a cheaper rate than you, or will be doing so soon enough. Because of this, you have to minimize the impact of cost and maximize your effect in other areas like customer service and aesthetic appeal. One way you can compete with larger entities for business is to minimize your shipping costs; in many cases, newer and smaller ventures charge outrageous amounts for shipping. If you can get by with minimizing shipping costs (even if you have to absorb some of that and add the rest into your product pricing), then you’ll be much more likely to attract business. Your great deals on products may otherwise be overshadowed by $10 shipping charges, leaving customers to look elsewhere.

Portray Safety

People who are pinging to Google requests for the products you offer will go elsewhere if they stumble across your website and it looks shady. In order to counteract this, be sure to provide an array of verifications and up-front statements that reassure the customer. Many people who run e-commerce businesses use a variety of payment methods that are trusted; you can place buttons on each page of your website that show you offer PayPal, Google Wallet and others. You may also want to display the fact that you’re operating under a secure certificate (you are operating under a secure certificate, right?).

Simplifying the Shopping Cart

Whenever it comes time to order, how easy is it for customers to process their order, pay, and leave your site? In many cases, a more complex ordering process can make it far less likely that you will seal the deal; if they have to jump through several different pages, each one is an opportunity for them to reconsider. When pinging to Google your offerings and discounts, you tend to be straightforward. You should also strive to be straightforward when it comes to the shopping cart software you use, as this can make the difference between a new, happy customer and someone who had the time to second-guess themselves on finalizing the transaction.

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