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Charts and GraphsOne of the most valuable tools to marketers for several years now, AdWords is a great way to reach new audiences and ensure that your message is being seen by those who are most likely to appreciate it. The most important way to guarantee increased and consistently good performance through the utility is to make sure that you constantly monitor the metrics and information it provides through the AdWords’ control panel. As of late, Google has added several new features to its interface that all aim to make use of the platform easier and more rewarding. In the following article, we’ll discuss these new features and explain the reasons why you’ll love them so much.

Bidding is Now Even More Automated

While automated bidding has been within AdWords for some time, two new features have been added to it that make the process even more simplified. You can now take advantage of the bidding process to maximize conversion volume with the bids you make, as well as set your bids to maximize revenue (a great way to improve return on investment). When these features are combined with the automated bidding process, it essentially makes the process of earning extra revenue effortless! While Google’s automated bidding system is not perfect and occasionally has to be tweaked with by the user, you can expect an overall pleasant experience with these two new features.

Multiple Bulk Actions

Another great addition to AdWords in recent days is a variety of bulk action features for getting things done. If you are pinging URLs to Google by the dozens or hundreds, then you know how it was difficult to bulk edit certain aspects of these campaigns. You can now update the budgets of these campaigns, change end dates, rotate advertisements and even alter location settings for multiple campaigns in the blink of an eye, which helps save you time and allows you to be more productive when working on your marketing efforts.


You can now take any and all campaigns that you wish to test elsewhere and do so – all without having to completely duplicate the content from scratch or risk ruining a great campaign! You can use the draft feature that is now included to quickly make a copy of your account, change any variables in your campaigns and then see how they perform in an experimental fashion. This marks the beginning of something great for AdWords, where customers will be able to in effect “try before they buy”. Measuring ROI beforehand in a very accurate way is not yet possible, but tools like these will help bring it closer to reality.

New Tables and Reports

AdWords now takes all the power of pinging URLs, driving traffic and converting shoppers and is making it even more beautiful to observe. A variety of new multi-layer charts and graphs are available to users of AdWords, which will make it less necessary to need to export data from AdWords to other sources for evaluation. This enhanced reporting will allow users to quickly assess data in order to analyse performance from desktop and mobile devices alike.

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