A Few Simple Suggestions for Repackaging Content

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Repackaging ContentThe world of content creation requires a lot of effort and time in order to please audiences. Many bloggers, vloggers, writers and webmasters work hard to deliver fresh content to their users on a regular basis, but this process can leave us feeling exhausted and over-worked in a variety of ways. After a while, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas when you feel as if you have already covered everything. Thank goodness for the concept of content repackaging, which can be a life-saver from time to time. Today, we will discuss a few simple suggestions that can take plenty of older content and give it new life in a variety of ways.

Reusing Video Content

The creation of video content can be the most difficult form of content creation at times. Not only does the scene and script have to be considered, but editing in many cases also needs to take place. When it comes to content repackaging, however, there is plenty of opportunity to reuse videos! One great idea is to extract the audio in a video post and create a brand new podcast from the content. The web loves animated GIFs, which can be created quite easily from existing video content. If you have designed a large number of videos that provide how-to assistance, for instance, then you can also assemble these into one larger video or a series of lessons in another format, providing users with more information in one place. Pinging URLs to all of the different types of content mentioned here will help you get plenty of reuse out of any video created.

Reusing Written Content

Various blog posts and articles may seem relatively boring and inert once they have been published for a while and have stopped driving traffic, but there is plenty of opportunity awaiting these pieces of content! For starters, podcasts and other forms of audio recordings can be easily created by reading these posts aloud, recording them and uploading them back to your website. When you have a variety of articles or blog posts on the same subject, then such a task can be done to combine them into an audio book or even a written e-book of sorts. Likewise, this content can be re-shared periodically via social media and email marketing campaigns, helping you to inject a second round of attention to the very same content without any need for repackaging.

Reusing Any Content

Some types of content can be repackaged into new content, regardless of type. For instance, slideshows have become increasingly popular lately; why not take an existing blog post or video, summarize its contents, and make a new SlideShare? This will give you an opportunity to be pinging URLs once again via social media and email to your content and to your site. Likewise, any written, verbal or video-based content can also be repackaged into formats that can be promoted via social media in one way or another, as most social media networks are ideal for sharing video, audio and text-based content.


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