Three Critical Reasons Why Businesses Need Blogs

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Wordpress BloggingAbove all else, brand management is about making a good impression. You don’t want to leave a bad impression with first-time shoppers or visitors, but half of this battle revolves around being visible in the first place. With so much competition on the web today, businesses with online presences are finding it difficult to break through the ranks and gain exposure for their products and services. Through a complex effort that combines quality content, marketing campaigns and technical prowess, however, it can be done. Today, we’ll review three very critical reasons why businesses stand to benefit from the use of blogs, and how these blogs can be great for long-term success.

Blogs Improve SEO Performance

Perhaps most importantly for smaller businesses, the mere presence of a blog – that includes quality, original content, of course – can dramatically improve rankings in search engine results when compared to a standard, standalone business website. Since search engines value content above most other things, a business just starting out or that has been struggling with attracting attention has everything to gain by starting a business blog. When businesses start pinging search engines with content on a regular basis, this sends signals to search engines that the business website is active, trustworthy and relevant to one or more particular niches.

Blogs Build PR

Every business wants to generate as much publicity as possible. With a business blog, you can begin finding new and exciting ways to promote your business, its products and services, and events. While most content on a business blog needs to be informative, engaging and interesting, you can also use it to announce new changes in the company, publish press releases and engage with customers in meaningful and interactive ways. Having a business blog adds a touch of professionalism to your PR image and allows you to quickly circulate new press releases via email and social media with nothing more than a URL. You’ll also be able to use your blog as a way to build industry expertise, which can lead to more media interviews and references that get your business’ name in the news.

Blogs Make Marketing Easier

Whenever you need to run a paid marketing campaign via the web and you want to give prospective customers or subscribers more information, a blog can be an enticing concept. Through rigorous A/B testing of your PPC campaigns, you can find out what works best for your marketing efforts quite easily via blog posts. By creating various pitches and forms of content via the blog and then pushing it out to targeted audiences, you can not only give them information about things that interest the, but you can also ensure that they arrive directly on your website at the same time. While landing pages work very well in many situations, you can use a blog to engage pickier consumers who want cold, hard facts and a sense of trustworthiness that only a business blog can provide.

Whether you’re wanting to be more efficient at pinging search engines with SEO clout or you’re wanting to generate better publicity, a business blog can be quite effective at achieving your goals. What other reasons do you have in mind for creating a business blog? Tell us below about them.


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