Adding Video to Your Site’s Content Mix

Video MixWebsites like YouTube are continuing to grow in popularity and there’s no sign of them slowing down any time soon. In fact, even Facebook has been pushing the use of videos on their newsfeeds by making them auto play for their users. So you really shouldn’t neglect using videos on your website or in your marketing mix either.

Why Videos?

Videos engage your visitors better than images or text. Once a user hits play, they will be compelled to watch until the end (even if it’s not the best video out there). Likewise people have a short attention span and you need to grab their attention.  Hundreds of words of written content sometimes just doesn’t do that.

Now we know there is a time and a place for videos, but you can turn almost anything into a video of any length, it doesn’t need to be you talking into the camera (although that does create an instant connection with your viewer).

Products in Videos

Showcasing a physical product in a video rather than just an image or description is a prime example of why video works much better in this scenario. With a video you can see the dimensions easily, you can see the product from every single angle and you as the demonstrator of the product can talk directly to your audience about how it works, why it’s better than other things on the market and you can even go as far as showing them what your product does all in a single video.

Merge Your Images into a Video

You can even keep things simple and instead of having a gallery of your products, your work or services that you have done for clients, you can instead put them all into one single video. The biggest advantage here is that then people can see that you have lots of different services or products and it may lead to multiple sales instead of them only focusing on that one single item they were originally looking for.

Obviously if you have thousands of products, you don’t want to showcase them all in an hour long video. Keep the videos short and concise and maybe stick to each category and then talk about the other products at the very end for a few seconds so you intrigue your viewer to check out the other things you do or have for sale.

Use the Video Elsewhere

As previously mentioned you can also add the video onto video sites like YouTube, Metacafe and even Facebook. This then means you will actually get even more traffic to your website, be seen by more people and have an SEO boost too for using a different content medium and having a video that points back to your website from multiple different websites.

Ultimately, you are creating that one single video for multiple places and purposes, which is really all marketing is about.  It’s a great way to increase traffic, SEO, and sales.

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