Four Simple Ideas for Injecting New Life Into Old Blog Content

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Paper BallsContent creation is a very taxing process – both mentally and physically – and it can leave us without the desire or the energy to create more content from time to time. The internet combined produces an almost unimaginable amount of content on a daily basis, in the form of blog posts, articles, videos, music, podcasts and photos. While it can be very exhausting to constantly produce new content, there often isn’t a need to do so! In many ways, content can be repurposed for new platforms and in new formats. Below, we’ll talk about how you can take existing blog content and convert it into new forms of content that can be shared on social media and beyond.

Quotes and Facts, in Graphic Form

Every blog post you make likely cites various facts and figures, or provides a number of noteworthy quotes. This information can be used by itself in a variety of new formats to reach new audiences – audiences that might not otherwise find the original content. By taking valuable quotes and facts from existing content, converting them into images and sharing them across social media, you can be pinging networks with original content in new forms. In addition to this, it becomes very easy to provide a link to the original blog post that covers the entire topic in more detail, helping to boost traffic to your blog at the same time.

Update Users via Email

Many brands and content-based websites do what are known as mash-ups to their subscribers, sending out a summary of their best posts on a weekly or monthly basis. In these emails, a summary of each blog post is included, as well as a link to the full post. This makes it possible to drive traffic to older content and deliver such content to people who may have never seen it before. Inevitably, most good blog posts find a second wind of sorts through this tactic, as a new round of reading, sharing and commenting is initiated.

Convert Whole Content Into SlideShares

Rather than write up a new post from scratch, transforming an existing one into something that can be enjoyed in a different format may be the perfect way to provide audiences with something new. By taking your existing blog posts and converting them into SlideShares, you will not only have an opportunity to share the ideas and discussions in the post with audiences by pinging networks once again, but you’ll also be able to add new elements – more photos and pictures being one example – to the presentation.

Refresh Seasonal Content

Some forms of content may only be relevant during a given time of the year. Despite this, the obvious case for renewing, reviving and repurposing the content the following year exists. Whether your blog post relates to Christmas shopping tips, summer getaways or what bars to avoid on Saint Patrick’s Day, people will find utility in it year after year. Instead of crafting an entirely new post that covers most of the same elements, consider reviving your older, seasonal posts on a recurring basis for added traffic and extra time.

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