Why Content Marketing Makes Sense

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Content MarketingContent marketing is a relatively new phrase for many, at least when compared to more tried and true phrases such as search engine optimization and link building. In short, content marketing is a rather all-encompassing approach for increasing traffic, generating leads, boosting SEO and distributing content, among other things. Many people do not yet understand the nature of content marketing or why it is so important. If your brand has not considered the use of content marketing before, then it will be by the end of this article. Below, we’ll discuss some reasons why content marketing makes sense for brands.

Boost Web Traffic

Perhaps the most notable benefit of content marketing is the effect that it will have on your web traffic. Through the simple act of building more landing pages through which you promote various forms of content, you can increase traffic up to two-fold. If your brand is regularly making blog posts and creating other forms of content for the masses to enjoy, then you can expect several times the amount of monthly traffic that static websites receive. Search engines prefer to rank websites that are active and that are providing content the masses enjoy reading. In exchange, you will have more pages ranking in more search results and in higher positions, all of which create the conditions for more traffic.

Increase Search Visibility

As we alluded to above, content marketing benefits include more visibility in search. The reason is simple: the more pages of content you have, the more opportunities you have to be listed in search. Content marketing helps complement existing SEO strategies regarding keywords as well, which means that your overall SEO efforts will go hand-in-hand with content marketing. Unfortunately for some who try to gain the system by pinging links and keywords, Google is often smarter than they think. When it comes to improper keyword usage, Google finds out. With adequate content marketing coupled with responsible keyword usage, your natural search visibility will increase with time – more so than it would with mere SEO efforts.

It Connects Everything

Many elements of brand management may feel disconnected or otherwise difficult to manage. Content marketing makes it quite easy to give elements such as email and social media purpose and form. Whenever you create content, it suddenly becomes much easier to use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and email to promote said content across these sources and more. You can even then start pinging links to your content through a variety of paid PPC campaigns that connect users with both the content and social media. When people read your article, they can have the option of using the sharing functions to post to their social media profiles. The same options should be included in all emails. In short, connecting everything together for sharing purposes will augment the number of interactions and impressions you can make, and give purpose to all aspects of your brand.

From boosting web traffic to connecting all of your brand tools and increasing search visibility, content marketing just makes sense. There are plenty of other benefits to its use not mentioned here, but the gist of it is simple: content marketing is the new SEO and you will be lost without it.

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