Marketing Strategies That Will Lead to a Lot of Website Traffic

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Marketing StrategiesNew entrepreneurs and startups who want to achieve a consistent flow of visitors, customers and sales leads often do everything in their power in order to achieve good levels of website traffic, however, not all of them succeed. Some business owners believe that splashing the cash on advertising is necessary in order to get consistent website traffic. But, this isn’t always the case – surprisingly, you don’t have to blow the budget just to get the numbers that you want when it comes to increasing your traffic. Here are some of the top marketing strategies that you can use to watch your website traffic grow.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is arguably the best method of attracting visitors to your site by getting your content and advertisements out there in front of millions of potential new site visitors or customers. Utilizing social media to its full extent means that your marketing materials will reach more of your potential customers, therefore most likely leading to increased traffic to your site. Sharing your website’s updates on your social media page will encourage more people to click through and visit the site, resulting in increased traffic.


Using a business blog is a hugely effective way to drive more traffic to your site. Not only does blogging provide search engine crawlers with regular fresh content and boost your site’s SEO, it can also attract more visitors to your site. When you provide blog content which answers commonly asked questions or provides how-to guides related to your business and products and/or services, for example, there are more reasons to visit your website and therefore you will see your traffic increase.

Optimise for Mobile

With more and more web users viewing sites from their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it has never been more important to ensure that your website is optimised for mobile if you want to see your traffic numbers increase. Laptops and PC computers are being increasingly replaced by mobile devices, and as such it is vital to ensure that your website has a responsive design which can be navigated and viewed easily on a mobile device. Along with that, Google also favours sites with mobile-friendly designs, meaning that if your website is not keeping up to date with the latest technology, your rankings could fall.

Improve Page Speed

If your website loads up slowly, you can attract all the traffic in the world to it and still see no good results when it comes to generating quality leads and sales. According to studies, over half of all online shoppers will wait around three seconds before they decide to abandon a site which has failed to load, and the vast majority of 18-24 year olds will expect a website to be loaded up in two seconds or less. Checking your website’s loading speed and rectifying it if needed is not only going to earn you a better reputation with your visitors, it’s also good for SEO.

You don’t have to spend thousands on ads to increase traffic to your website!

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