Three Important Off-Page SEO Strategies to Use

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SEO KeyboardFinding new ways to increase traffic and rankings in search is always a struggle. So many unique possibilities exist for your brand, depending on its niche, audience and current level of performance. Most new brands begin building their SEO efforts by ensuring all on-page SEO elements are working as intended. This means keywords, title tags and a variety of other important concerns that are 100% controlled from your own domain. Off-page SEO, however, are the things you can do to boost performance outside of your website. What are some great off-page SEO strategies to consider? Continue reading and we’ll tell you about them.

Utilize Local Search Optimization

Within on-page SEO and SEO as a whole, there are many niches to consider. One important element is local search. It is here that you can more effectively dominate in a given set of SERPs due to minimized competition in many cases. By pinging links and content at search engines that target these specific areas, you can help improve off-page SEO in a variety of ways. Additionally, other areas where you’re already working on off-page SEO – reviews, social media, blog posts and forum participation – can help further improve local search effectiveness when incorporated into a broader strategy. Many SEO enthusiasts believe that local search is the future of SEO: it never hurts to get in on the action early!

Encourage Reviews

If your business or brand offers a product or service, then you definitely want to be sure to promote reviews. Your website’s visitors can provide a huge boot to off-page SEO by leaving reviews for your brand on one website or another. With several popular review platforms out there, you can choose which venues should be promoted to customers who may wish to leave a kind word. This can help improve overall rankings for all of your pages and content, but it is especially effective in the world of off-page SEO. An accumulation of great reviews for your brand helps build trust and authority with search engines based on their algorithms. You absolutely must find a way to encourage – and incentivize, if necessary – your visitors leaving reviews on your brand’s behalf.

Expand Social Media and Community

When we think of SEO, we often think about pinging links to search engines from our website. Off-page SEO incorporates many unique elements that directly or indirectly relate to this. One of those areas is social media, which provides unique SEO benefit (but not in the standard way that SEO does). The number of social signals that your brand is sending to search engines can actually improve search rankings over time. As if that weren’t enough, you also have the ability to integrate and network with non-social media discussion boards and forums. These – unless they are private – will be directly indexed by search engines and can help to boost link-earning potential at the same time that they increase off-page SEO prowess.

Off-page SEO is more common than many people realize, but doesn’t get the overt attention it deserves. What are some other ways you’ve worked on improving your rankings that were handled completely off-site? Tell us below in the comments about them and how it all worked out.

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