What Elements Constitute a Successful Brand Video?

Every business or brand should understand the power and importance of marketing. By associating your brand with a variety of characteristics, emotions and even colors, you help to paint a picture that remains in the minds of those who come into contact with it. Multimedia productions – such as business videos – used to be quite expensive and out of reach for many small businesses. Today, however, it has never been easier to create videos that highlight your brand and persuade. If you’re wanting to know how to build a successful brand video, then continue reading to find out more.

Genuinely Connect with People

The best ingredient in a successful brand video is the ability to connect with the viewer in a meaningful way. Whether you decide to use a personal story, a plea for charitable good, a strong entertainment factor or a controversial subject is entirely up to you. However, what is not up for debate is whether the video should stir passion in people. By connecting with people in one or more ways, you’ll be sure to generate a brand video that generates attention and emotion long after it is first shared. In many respects, that is one of the biggest goals behind a brand video: to increase brand awareness by pinging users with something they can’t forget.

Hone Your Message

Any brand video should have a straightforward message that ties into the brand itself. What is it you’re trying to convey? If you haven’t given this much thought yet, then put off the video production and head back to the drawing board. Whether you’re trying to tell the company story or a broader narrative, it should be highly fleshed out before you begin shooting. Know what it is exactly that you’d like to convey to your audience and then utilize the advice above to make it more personal or relative to their interests. Without a specific message that ties in to your brand, the video will not be successful at what it aims to do.

Promote, Promote, Promote

The key to success for any brand video is promotion. Without visibility, it’s very unlikely that your video will take off – and if it does, it’s probably for the wrong reasons. By pinging users on the social media and web channels that they visit most frequently, you’ll reach people where they live. This will ensure optimal visibility and can help get the ball rolling with respect to shares and engagement. How else  do you expect your video to be seen? With brand videos, the onus is on you to do the promotion – through both paid and organic means – and get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Building a successful brand video revolves around a few simple concepts. First, you must create something people want to watch. Next, you must be laser-like in terms of your message’s focus. Finally, you must do everything possible to promote the video so that it can be seen. If you adhere to these three simple rules, then the rest generally falls into place.

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