Quality Scores and You: How to Boost Your Bing Ads’ Performance

Boost PerformanceAny website or brand that wishes to boost its exposure without having to wait months for SEO benefits to kick in can do so through the use of marketing and paid advertising. On several search engines, users can quickly create ad campaigns, specify a budget and begin pinging links to your promoted pages. In the case of Bing Ads, users’ advertisements are assessed via quality scores that determine how prominent each ad will be in select search results. These quality scores not only are affected by your actions, but by the actions of others. In such a dynamic world as the internet, the use of this scoring system is designed to ensure that visitors see the most relevant and highest quality ads possible. If your ad campaign is about to deploy or if you have not seen the results via Bing that you expected, then you will want to continue reading to find out how you can boost your ad performance via this major search engine.

Relevant Keywords Matter

It is commonplace on Google and other search engines to place bids for as many keywords and variations as possible, in the hope that maximized exposure will result in maximized traffic. With Bing’s quality scoring system, however, this approach can lead to poor performance across the board. You will want to focus on a few selected keywords and ensure that your content, advertisement and keywords all align in terms of relevance. Without such a strategy in place, you may find that your ad dollars are being wasted in the pursuit of traffic that never arrives. Irrelevant advertisements or correlations between keywords that are secondary will negatively impact performance.

Other Advertisers Matter

After you have optimized your own advertisements via proper keyword selection and careful text considerations, you still have to deal with other advertisers. Some do not know that the actions of other advertisers can affect your own quality scores within a given niche. While you may have done all you felt was necessary to promote and curate a viable marketing strategy, others’ efforts can drive down the overall visibility and effectiveness of your efforts. In the Bing Ads game, it is very much an issue of quality over quantity: if your competitors create successful, relevant advertisements within the same keywords, then your effectiveness will be hampered. Unfortunately, the only way you can deal with this is to consistently remain aware of others’ activities and strive to out-do them in terms of promotion and relevance.

Bring It All Together

What exactly is the best and most straightforward process to ensure that you are pinging links to as many Bing users as possible via ad placement? Relevance is the recurring theme throughout the entire process. As mentioned prior, proper keyword selection goes a long way toward high quality scores. Next, you will want to ensure that your landing pages are optimized with keywords that reflect this niche. Finally, you will want to optimize the experience of your landing page with proper navigation features, plenty of viable content and relevant material that users will enjoy. These three elements will not only improve your quality scores, but also boost conversions and increase overall ad efficiency.

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