Online Directory Submissions – Are They Good for Your Business?

Online directory submissions used to be a great way to improve your search engine optimisation. Businesses were submitting content left and right in an effort to improve their SEO. Directories popped up to cater to this demand. Then multiple search engine algorithm updates came along and seemed to destroy the benefits of using online directories. However, there is confusion as to whether or not online directories provide any benefit. Are online directory submissions good for your business?

Trickle Down Domain Authority

Linking from high authority domains causes some of that trust that search engines give the linking domain to flow to your website. If you’re posting articles on a lot of low “trust” domains that link back to your website, it hurts your site’s standing with search engines. However, if you post content on high authority online directories that link back to your website, then it will be to your advantage. The key here is determining which directory submissions are worth your time. If you have content or business information on low trust domains, you may want to delete it.

None of this negates the need to have a diverse backlink profile. You cannot rely on only a few quality posts to increase your SEO or promote your business to potential customers.

Increased Visibility

Online directories are always worth the effort if they put your company’s information in front of your customers. A good first step is looking for the online equivalent of the industry association’s membership guide. Put descriptions of your business and products on industry sites that would be searched by those looking for these types of businesses.

Posting information on online directories will certainly generate exposure for your brand. Repetition of information across many business directories with both moderate and high domain authority will increase your brand’s weight with search engines. Furthermore, traffic from those sites that are truly interested in your site will boost your search engine results page rankings over time.

On Target Local SEO

Online directories of local businesses are probably a good place to post information about your business. It improves your site’s local search engine optimisation. However,your location information must be consistent across business directories and match the information on your website if this location information is to be beneficial. For example, you need to use the exact same business name, address and phone number on every single listing. Your business should be “Johnson and Sons Moving” everywhere, not “Johnson & Sons” and “Johnson and Sons Moving”.

You also have to keep this data up to date. Search engines are confused when you’ve updated some entries but not others with a new address. Customers would probably move on if they call an old phone number that no longer works. They’ll never use you again if they drive to an old, now closed location. Incomplete information such as leaving out a phone number will water down your NAP information with search engines. Errors like putting business names in the street field or forgetting to fill in the city name hurt your company’s reputation with viewers.

Online directory submissions shouldn’t be your first effort to improve your site’s back link profile, though cleaning up an existing one that hurts you should be a priority. Online directory submissions are a valuable tool in your effort get traffic and extra weight with search engines.

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