How Can Blogging Bring You More Business?

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Typewriter TypesCountless blogs and websites are in existence across the web today, with many of them revolving around brands or businesses. What once began as a personal way in which to cover topics or express thoughts is now a universal concept for individuals and brands alike. Most businesses understand the value of having a website in 2016, but many do not understand how a business blog can be of even greater value. We’ll break things down today and explain how blogging can actually be good for your business and help to deliver more traffic and customers to you.

Provides a Personal Touch

Many businesses may appear to be too aloof or generic to many consumers, which can prevent purchases – let alone true loyalty – from being generated. The good news is that there are plenty of ways in which to generate a more personal vibe for your business through the use of blogging. Whether you’re blogging on behalf of the company itself or as its owner in a more personal sense, blogging presents many opportunities for you to connect with consumers in meaningful ways. From first-person accounts about your business’ efforts to posts about your community involvement, there are many different strategies available via blogging that can be used to create a more intimate feel. Additionally, you’ll be able to start pinging search engines with more content, which can help your search rankings.

Increases Product Awareness

The great thing about running a business blog is that you can cover a wide variety of topics and products in order to provide value to everyone who reads it. One way in which you can blog effectively is to provide detailed descriptions, reviews and explanations of various products you are offering. When this is done in a fun and entertaining sense, you can definitely generate more business via the web. The very best posts may find fans through email marketing and social media, which can help rapidly increase the number of people who see the posts through forwards and shares.

Alerts People to Promotions and Events

In many cases, finding the right medium through which to promote upcoming events and promotions can be difficult. You could just send out an email with the information enclosed, or you could run an ad on social media. These are effective ways in which to promote your offerings, but why not go for the one-two punch? You can use blogging to describe these events and promotions and then link to them via your social media and email marketing campaigns. This will not only help alert people to any upcoming events, but it will also drive traffic to your website and can increase sales immediately. Increased traffic through the right sources can also ensure you’re pinging search engines with more positive metrics and help ensure consumers know how to directly find and recognize your brand on the web.

What other ways have you used blogging to promote yourself or your brand? Whether you’re running a personal blog, non-profit or business, many of the same benefits are applicable. After reading this, let us know in the comments below how you think blogging can help you.


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