How to Spice Up Your Content’s Appeal

Content creation is certainly one of the most time-consuming elements anybody will encounter when curating and developing a brand. You not only have to appeal to the tastes and interests of your audience, but you also have to consider how search engines and other platforms will view said content. At the end of the day, generating the most appeal out of each piece of content is just common sense. If your content as of late isn’t generating the type of attention, number or shares or amount of engagement you’d like, then it may need to be improved in one or more areas. Today, we’ll discuss  some simple strategies you can use to spice up your content’s appeal and ensure it’s being enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Tell a Story

It should go without saying, but storytelling has been the most effective form of communication throughout human history. For brands seeking a way to heighten their content’s appeal, telling a story may be the easiest way to do just that. You’ll not only generate more interest in each piece and ensure more people follow through to the end, but you can also use it as an opportunity to craft broader narratives about your brand. By pinging your website with stories instead of drab run-throughs about various topics, you’ll accomplish two things at once: you’ll convey the information you wished to convey and you’ll keep more people interested in what you have to say.

Utilize Your Passion

All too many blogs and brands focus on churning out as much content as possible in an attempt to appease the search engine gods. Unfortunately, this can be the absolute wrong approach from the perspective of creating good content. If you want your content to truly be appealing, then it needs to cover topics and angles that are meaningful to the writer. If you are rushing to meet deadline after deadline, then there is no way that your content can live up to the expectations of your most scrutinizing readers. Be sure to plan ahead and pick topics/angles that really interest you and tap into your passions; this way, you can write in-depth about them, have plenty of time to cover all the bases, and really deliver content that is detailed, informative and persuasive.

Address an Audience’s Needs

What questions does your audience have? What concerns need addressed? Whether you’re a local small business or a personal blogger, every audience is going to have specific concerns, demands and needs. Content, at its core, should be simple when it comes to addressing concerns and conveying the practical applications of the information. By creating content that tells people what they need to know in a way that is useful to them, you instantly improve the appeal of the content in the eyes of many readers. This will lead to a greater number of likes, shares and comments – all of which will further increase the appeal of your content.

By pinging your website with content that is reflective of your passions, addresses an audience’s needs and that tells a story, you’ll dramatically improve its appeal and help grow your fanbase at the same time. If you’ve taken any other steps to improve your content’s appeal, tell us below about what you did and how it worked for you.

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