Enrich Your SEO Strategy with These Forms of Content

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SEO ContentSearch engine optimization requires persistent dedication to your brand across many different fields. From keyword research and content creation to on-page design and marketing, there are many different yet interconnected tasks that comprise a successful SEO strategy. At the core of any SEO strategy is content creation. Without quality content, all of the work in the world will amount to nothing of value. This is why it’s important to give yourself the biggest natural advantage possible when creating various forms of content. Today, we’ll talk about some forms of content that produce better results than others, which will hopefully help you to up your SEO game.


Long known as a quality form of content that is information-dense, infographics can really help to turbocharge any existing SEO-related content strategy. How can infographics help in boosting overall performance? For starters, the likelihood of an infographic being shared is greater than that of a typical blog post or article. People just love infographics. Likewise, you can increase the overall amount of traffic pinging your website through the use of infographics, as they are definitely popular on social media. Whether you’re generating shares from other blogs (and therefore links) or shares on social media, you can directly and/or indirectly boost SEO results by delivering to your audience a variety of infographics.


Perhaps the most widely shared form of content on the web, videos are increasingly popular in today’s world of high-bandwidth, mobile-friendly web browsing. Google and other search engines heavily favour various forms of multimedia content over traditional text, with these search engines often providing dedicated video search results on the first page to a select number of entries. Perhaps even better is the fact that there is less competition in search results for videos than there is for standard forms of content. Bottom line: people love videos, they are easily shared, and search engines are increasingly rewarding brands that deliver this content to the masses.

Influencer and Guest Blog Content

Who are the experts in your niche? Do you know them by name, and if so, do they carry any gravitas among the community? If so, then you may be able to strike gold by soliciting them to do a guest blog post or podcast on your website. Not only will this help in terms of convincing those who aren’t already pinging your website to visit, but it can be a great way to build links and generate associations in search with high-ranking experts in your niche. In other words, this creates multiple opportunities for your broader SEO success to improve even more. As if that wasn’t enough, people love authoritative content. When this is mixed with one or more forms of content mentioned above, then the potential influence garnered from this approach is immense.

Different types of content perform differently among audiences and in search engines. Videos, infographics and influencer/guest content generally outperform the standard expectations in a content strategy. What other forms of content have you had success with, whether that pertains to building links or driving traffic? Tell us below about your findings.


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