Need a Quick Boost in SEO? Consider These Forms of Content

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Espresso LaptopIn the world of SEO, content is king. Without quality content in constant supply, it’s very hard for a brand to scale the ranks of search results and be visible to relevant audiences. Google and other search engines have long optimized their search ranking algorithms to consider not only the amount of content being produced, but the overall quality of it. There are many ways that this can be measured, but it’s worth noting that select forms of content generate more engagement and buzz than others. Which forms of content can be valuable in providing a quick boost in this area? We’ll let you in on three content secrets below that can do just that.


Podcasts have had a roller-coaster ride in terms of popularity. Highly successful during the age of the iPod, many people produced and downloaded podcasts for portable enjoyment when away from the computer. In the age of mobile internet devices, the podcast has made a comeback once again. This form of content is easily distributed, easily produced and highly desired by search engines. If you’re pinging your website with an occasional podcast, then there is a good chance that your search rankings will improve over time when combined with other content strategies. Just make sure that your podcast pages are optimized for SEO like any other piece of content.


Above all else, video is now an in-demand form of content that people expect from brands. Rather than reading line after line of text, a video is preferred in situations either where complex commentary is occurring or in situations where entertainment is valuable. Video is ideal in that it not only is less contested real estate in the world of SEO, but it is a great form of content for sharing across multiple platforms. You can post videos directly to your blog or website, embed them in emails and share them via social media. All of these strategies can help directly or indirectly boost SEO potential and should definitely be considered as part of your content and SEO strategies. While video production can be a bit of a pain compared to simple posts, the value they provide is exponential.


Making it easy for people to digest more complex ideas in shorter periods of time is a great way to boost content performance. This is why infographics are such a hot commodity in the world of content creation. By combining several stats, facts and statistics into one easy-to-read piece of content, you can summarize an idea and do so in a way that could easily go viral. Search engines love to see a diversified content portfolio from websites and the use of infographics – when properly optimized for search engines – can be a real boon to overall performance. The best part about infographics is that they are easy to make. Even those with limited graphic design experience can quickly put together a basic infographic that makes key points and ensures more people actually learn about the topic.

These three forms of content are highly popular with search engines, so you’ll want to be pinging your website with all three if possible. What other types of content does your audience enjoy?


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