Where to Find Awesome Copywriting Opportunities

The demand for custom content on the internet has never been higher. Many brands understand that it is more efficient to outsource their content creation to others, rather than spending extra time creating it themselves. One of the most popular forms of copywriting content revolves around how well it produces results via SEO. This means that countless businesses and brands are seeking quality content that is optimized for performance in search engines. If you know how to do this – or even are willing to learn – then you can find plenty of business for yourself. We’ll review some potential methods for finding awesome copywriting opportunities without ever leaving the house.

Contact Local Media

While it may not constitute true copywriting in some instances, there are plenty of local opportunities to earn income by writing for your local media outlets. Whether we’re talking about television stations’ online articles or a local newspaper, constant journalism is a given in these areas. You may be asked to write under your own name or as a ghostwriter, but either is a great opportunity to develop your resume, skills and possibly earn a bit of money from the experience. Don’t be discouraged: much of what you read online from newspapers and television is actually typed or written by people just like you! By pinging websites of your local media outlets for writing opportunities, you just might find the next great chapter in your life.

Freelance Job Boards and Listings

There are dozens of potential venues through which you can find consistent, paid work as a copywriter. Many offer their own particular niches in terms of clients, ensuring that you can find work that is both rewarding financially and in line with your tastes. Many freelance relationships are forged initially through these websites, with more permanent and off-site relationships emerging later. You can get to work almost instantly and begin earning income, but be warned: some freelance listing sites charge more than others in the form of commissions off of your cut, so shop around and pick what’s best for you.


Finding opportunities in copywriting isn’t just about securing short-term jobs: it’s also about building long-term relationships. On job-oriented websites such as LinkedIn, you’ll be able  to do both. Not only does LinkedIn offer a Jobs section that includes copywriting opportunities, but there is a formidable freelancer network on the site that helps writers and content creators find new opportunities to explore. As you build and maintain your profile on the social media network, you’ll begin to build a certain level of clout that will unlock new opportunities for you over time. Before you know it, your work will be pinging websites all over the internet and reaching countless readers.

Finding copywriting opportunities online is not difficult, but you need to know where to look. By checking out your local media, freelance job listing sites and specific social media networks like LinkedIn, you’ll be able to find a variety of opportunities. Not all will pan out, but you only need a few good leads to begin succeeding.


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