A Marketer’s Guide to Google Plus

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Plus KeySocial media is the latest element of the web to be revolutionized by marketing approaches, leaving many in the field wondering what they can do to get the most out of their marketing strategies. Google+ was a rather late addition in the world of social media, but has grown exponentially due to a large Google web presence and constant promotion of its existence through multiple Google products. If you have been looking to get more out of your Google+ presence, then continue reading to find out how you can optimize your social media to be more effective when it comes to marketing.

Google+ Circles

This feature is a unique characteristic within the Google+ social network; by creating the idea of circles, individuals are able to segment their followers into specific categories such as ‘Friends’, ‘Business’, ‘Acquaintances’ and any other group the user can devise. For those using marketing tactics on the social network, this concept is wonderful. By having the ability to group and subsequently micro-target specific individuals with your marketing efforts, you can have a unique approach for each type of follower your Google+ profile or page, pinging the networks individually with specialized content. With customized messaging options built directly into the platform, Google+ is a natural marketing tool.

Google+ Profiles

The centrepiece of any marketing effort is your Google+ Profile, which can be utilized either as an individual profile or a branded business page. Within the first six months of unveiling business pages, Google+ saw more than one million profiles created; those who were seeking to expand their brand’s exposure through social networking certainly saw the marketing potential in this powerful tool. Not only do these pages offer the ability for webmasters to intricately detail the offerings of their brand, but can also be used on the back-end by administrators to analyse dozens of metrics, giving you full understanding of how much effect your marketing strategies are having on the network.

Google+ Mobile

With options to share events around you on the go and display your current location, Google+ allows marketing strategists to constantly be pinging the networks and circles that follow their pages and profiles. Your followers can even check in at locations you have suggested or posted, giving you an element of creativity in marketing (example: encourage your followers to check-in at a given location in exchange for a discount or reward). With nearly 20% of all web traffic now coming via mobile devices, it only makes sense to develop a marketing strategy around it – and Google+ is fully versatile in this approach.


Built to be a premium, end-all be-all solution to social media, Google+ has many elements integrated that make it a marketer’s dream. With a very established base of users, excellent access to analytics and a platform that is intuitive both for followers and administrators, Google+ may be the best platform out there on which to begin any new marketing strategy. Best of all, it does not cost anything to try it out: there is no need to wait any longer to begin your new marketing strategy with Google!

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