Starting a New Website or Brand? Here Are Four Helpful Tricks for Launching Successfully

Start Up LaunchThere is a lot to consider when launching a new brand or website. Between all the planning of how to navigate the first months and the stresses that will undoubtedly appear unexpectedly, it can be easy to forget how to navigate the “grand reveal”. While many may not know it, your launching of a brand or website is a big deal, and it will allow you to get free publicity in ways that you may never otherwise be able to get again – at least with a moderate amount of control over how it is done. If you are starting a new site or brand and want to make sure you maximize the potential, then continue reading to find out about five helpful tricks to get you moving in the right direction.

Pick the Right Day

In many cases, when you announce is just as important as what you announce. If you make an announcement on a Friday or over the weekend, it is very likely to be ignored or tuned out. Likewise, making an announcement on a Monday is not a good idea, as email inboxes, work and the readjustment to the work week is pinging users with a plethora of notifications that will make yours pale in comparison. We recommend that you make any announcement on a Tuesday or Wednesday to maximize its effect.

Use Video Solutions for Support

Whether someone has a question or would like to do a grand opening interview with you, having a way to quickly communicate with individuals is a key part of succeeding early on. In order to do this, we recommend using a video solution such as Skype or Google Hangouts in order to communicate with both audio and video. These technologies will also have a full-time purpose for your brand once you begin selling products or communicating with the community in some other fashion.

Secure Endorsements

If you have notable connections within your community or niche (this is something that LinkedIn is very useful for), then use them! Leveraging the endorsement of a notable individual can generate a press release in and of itself, and give your business or brand an extra round of attention. By connecting with those who share your mission or beliefs, you can increase the effect that your unveiling will have. While this will be much more difficult to do with a revenue-only model, charities and other organizations can find valuable benefit in using this tactic.

Submit, Submit, Submit

As we’ve alluded to prior, the use of press releases and announcements for your grand opening can be very beneficial. By letting the community know that you are live, you’ll be able to connect with more people early on. In addition to this, pinging users with press releases and announcements has a two-fold benefit: not only will more people hear about you, but your SEO effect will be bolstered as well. There are a variety of credible press release hubs on the internet that will be happy to accept your announcement, so long as it is done in a proper format.

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