Do You Know How Many Links You Have on Twitter?

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Twitter LinksNext to Facebook, Twitter is the second most popular social media website in the world today and it is an excellent place to start a traffic campaign.  Not only does building up a presence on Twitter help to increase your traffic but it can also, perhaps surprisingly, also increase your search engine ranking.  Today we will be talking a bit about the importance of Twitter in an SEO campaign and how you can use the Pingler Twitter Links Finder tool to track your progress.

The Benefits of Using Twitter

Most of us know that backlinks are everything when it comes to running a successful SEO campaign.  However, with the Panda updates this year and with Google being temperamental at the best of times it’s always a good idea to find other ways to supplement your website’s traffic.  Over the last couple of years Twitter has become immensely popular and many people are now using it to increase their website following in addition to using the search engines.  However, what you might not know is that Twitter is also useful for link building.

Although links placed on Twitter are given a no-follow attribute, Google and some of the other large search engines have publically announced that they do still consider Twitter links when determining their search engine rankings.  Primarily they will focus on the author account that is tweeting the links and secondly they also take into account the number of tweets a link has received.  Even Tiny URLs are included in this algorithm!  What this means is that whilst Twitter is a great way to build up a social media presence and increase your website traffic, the links you place also contribute to your search engine position.

The Twitter Links Finder – Your Competition and Your Allies

Aside from determining how many links your website is receiving from Twitter, the Pingler Twitter Links Finder is a great way to keep track of your competition and to determine how big of a social presence they have.  By using the tool you can determine how often your competitors website is linked to which will enable you to also get some information as to how dedicated their followers are.  If your competitors are linked to regularly you know you have some strong competition.

A similar strategy can be put into place when working on an SEO campaign.  If you are considering guest blogging you might want to check out the social media presence that the specific website has before you go ahead.  If you find that the website you are considering contacting has a large and dedicated following with a large number of links back to their site you may find that your guest blogging efforts have more benefits than just in the search engines.

The Pingler Twitter Links Finder is a great way to work out the online presence of a website on the Twitter social media website.  By using it correctly you can move forward with a smart online strategy and use Twitter to your advantage.

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