Kick Writer’s Block to the Curb with These Simple Solutions

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Kick Writer's BlockBloggers, businesses and brands alike all understand the need for a complex content creation strategy. The internet is becoming increasingly competitive across all fronts – email marketing, social media and search engines – and that competition is driving an increase in demand for content. Not only do readers, visitors and customers expect you to have great content, but they expect you to have a lot of it. When in the process of cranking out one piece of content after another, it is only a matter of time before writer’s block develops. In order to kick this nuisance to the curb, we’ve compiled a list of solutions you can use to quickly get back to work.

Create Random Mini-Assignments

Sometimes, writer’s block can be cured by simply writing about off-topic subjects that can get the brain juices flowing. If you’re running into trouble while writing, try this experiment: rack your brain for one or two random ideas or topics. Create a title for each, and then begin to write about it. This can be something as simple as answering a random question. You don’t need to write a full-fledged piece of content: 50 to 100 words is plenty. Replicate this one or two times and see if the process helps you to shake writer’s block. For many people, this simple and quick exercise is all it takes to get back on track.

Random Word Exercise

When struggling for new topics and titles, you want to immediately get outside of the box. Try this experiment: look around your room or office for random words. Pick the first five nouns you find. Write each of them down. Now, challenge yourself to write a few different titles using at least a couple of the selected random words. In many cases, this is comparable to the act of selecting topics; you brainstorm various pages and portals to find selections of ideas that can be paired together to create a bigger concept. While you may not end up pinging your website with these random titles and ideas, it will help you get back to the point that you can create content for that purpose.

Build an Introduction, Conclusion or Opening Sentence

Sometimes, writer’s block strikes when we are in the middle of a great idea. Perhaps we know the broader idea we wish to address. Sometimes, we even have the title and topic fleshed out. Yet, writer’s block strikes suddenly and renders us incapable of finishing. Many people write from start to finish, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you are struggling with a particular portion of the content you’re creating, then consider skipping to a different part. Try crafting an introduction, conclusion or the first sentence of a different paragraph when you face this challenge. This will allow you to continue working, thinking and blasting through the challenges of writer’s block.

Following the three pieces of advice given here can help you eradicate writer’s block, and you’ll be pinging your website with fresh content in no time at all! How often does writer’s block strike you and how successful have you been at getting around it in the past? Let us know about your challenges and experiences below.

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