Important Things to Do After Writing Your Post

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Post ItBuilding a great selection of content that everyone will love is a serious challenge for many brands that wish to make a good impression. Content creation takes time and effort to do properly, and also takes an equal amount of time and effort to ultimately perfect. All too many brands focus intently on writing great content for their blogs and websites, but fall short on ensuring that content will do well in the days and weeks that follow. Once you publish a post, your job has just begun! We’ll discuss some important things that any bloggers must do as soon as he or she finishes writing a post if success with readers and search engines is desired.

Be Thorough with the Review

Once a post has been published, it can be easy to forget about inspecting its quality. However, writing great posts often requires several reviews and read-throughs in order to perfect its content. Once you have published your post, immediately begin scanning the post for any imperfections. These can be misspellings, omissions, awkward sentence structure or a variety of other irregularities that may make users less than satisfied with the quality and authority of the post. Before you get a chance to start pinging search engines with these mistakes and omissions, be sure to give your post at least one solid review after hitting the publish button.

Notify Anyone Mentioned

Whether you have referenced someone’s work in the blog post or have given credit to another brand, it is also important to notify anyone who has been mentioned in your blog post. Not only is it just common courtesy to let anyone who has been mentioned in your post know as soon as the content goes live, but it is also a good idea from the perspective of link building. There are many who will link back to your content in the form of a mention if they know that their brand has been referenced in some capacity. A quick shout-out or thank you via email will be all that is necessary; it is both the strategic and polite thing to do.

Utilize RSS Email Services

Blogs that post on a weekly basis or less than benefit immensely from RSS email services. How do they work? RSS to email services will capture your content and blast an email out to all interested parties and subscribers on your mailing list. This ensures that everybody sees your new content in a timely fashion and can definitely help boost the number of reads and clicks for each piece of content. However, RSS to email is not a great solution for those who publish on a daily basis or who make several posts per week. Regardless, this is one form of content marketing that can be both automatic and effective in reaching people who are already loyal members of your community.

If you’re pinging search engines with new blog posts on a regular basis, then you’ll want to follow these three rules. What tweaks and promotions have you utilized after publishing content to ensure its performance is strong? Let us know in the comments below.

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