Three Important Concerns When Selecting a SEO Writer for Your Brand

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Typewriter DeskWith so many freelance writers available these days, you certainly have the opportunity to pick one that really satisfies all of your desires for content. Many brands use writers as a way to increase the amount of content they are producing, monetize various topics and posts, and otherwise make the act of content creation much simpler. If your brand is in the midst of hiring a SEO writer to help with one or more of these tasks, then you want to be sure that he or she provides the most added value to the brand. What do you need to consider when hiring a SEO writer? We’ll tell you below about three important concerns to consider.

An Area of Expertise

If you’re planning on hiring a SEO writer for your brand on a full-time basis, then you absolutely need to pick somebody who has experience in your field of focus. While freelance writers can definitely provide content on a recurring basis, a more experienced SEO writer for dedicated projects is recommended. When you’re pinging servers with content that is written by someone with an explicit understanding of the subject – as opposed to somebody who only has a general familiarity with it – search engines can tell. The words, phrases and terminology used by an expert writer will differ from that of a standard freelancer, and some of your more engaged and informed readers will also be able to tell the difference.

A Detailed Understanding of SEO

It’s one thing to create a piece of content with keywords and links. It’s quite another to create content that integrates broadly with a larger SEO effort. A SEO writer should absolutely – by definition – have an intrinsic knowledge of SEO if you are going to hire them. The writer will be able to discern subtle differences in how various phrases and optimizations in content will perform, and can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the content is in line with your other efforts. This will take a lot of work off of your shoulders and ensure that you can focus on other aspects of brand management. From on-page optimization to the content itself, this is a huge benefit and requirement when hiring a SEO writer.

Availability and Punctuality

Any SEO writer who is being hired needs to have two other things going for them: they can meet deadlines and they can act on a moment’s notice. While constant on-retainer status may be a bit too much to expect for somebody who has multiple clients, a qualified SEO writer will be able to provide content for you with reasonable turnaround times. Sometimes, a response to a late-breaking event requires that you’re pinging servers with the piece within 24 hours in order to get benefit from it. These specific details will need to be worked out in any agreement, but punctuality is absolutely important. You want to know for sure that you’ll be able to count on your SEO writer when you need them the most. Don’t be afraid to ask for references in order to verify these things for yourself before acting.

When hiring a SEO writer for your brand, you want to select somebody who can give you benefits for the long-term. By selecting somebody who knows the subject thoroughly, is familiar with SEO and is available and punctual, you can avoid a lot of mishaps and lost potential.


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