How Browser Extensions Can Improve Your SEO

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For years, people have used countless tools and reports to better understand which efforts are most likely to produce ideal SEO outcomes. As time has passed, the demands have only grown larger and more complex, requiring more analytical power and research than ever before. Most bloggers and webmasters simply do not have the time necessary to unveil all of these secrets without a bit of assistance.

With analytics, plug-ins and many other utilities available, going it on your own isn’t necessary. Recently, however, a new player has emerged in the game: browser extensions. Below, we’ll look at how some browser extensions can genuinely improve your SEO outcomes.

Analyze the Competition

Probably one of the best functions made simple by the use of browser extensions is the analysis of your competitors. With any one of a number of SEO extensions, you’ll be able to quickly determine the backlinks on a website, social media information, PageRank and a variety of other factors. By pinging websites with these extensions, you’ll be able to quickly ascertain just what is allowing these websites to perform well in search – which makes for great information to use in your own SEO endeavors. Ultimately, there are dozens of unique extensions that can be used to fish specific pieces of information from a website in one click; rather than relying on hours of hand-picked research, you can learn all there is to learn about a website in a matter of minutes.

Extract Information

When analyzing your own website or that of your competitors, there is often the need to pull information into one easy-to-organize location. With a variety of browser extensions, you can easily glean or scrape information from one or more pages. Even within your own control panel, you can use these extensions to quickly copy and paste data that would otherwise be difficult to extract and organize.

Understand the Structure of Websites

For anybody wanting to tweak with their web templates or learn how other websites accomplished something, browser extensions provide some necessary assistance. There are many tools that can easily analyze elements such as CSS, HTML and other common website structures, making it possible to figure out what code makes each page tick. This is a perfect solution for those who are new to web development and want to learn more about which practices are SEO-friendly.

Improve Your Post Quality

When writing a new post or creating a new page, you want to optimize content as much as possible. Much like the plug-ins that have been installed on countless websites running WordPress and other content management systems, there are browser plug-ins that provide the same functionality. In many ways, this is a superior solution to the plugin option, as it reduces the number of plugins installed on your website (which, in most cases, means a faster website overall). Whether you’re wanting to optimize titles, tags, headlines or other elements, a browser plugin may be exactly what you need to take your SEO game to the next level.

Whether you’re pinging websites for keyword analysis or to better understand how they’re structured, browser extensions provide immeasurable benefit. As such, make sure to evaluate which ones work best for your needs and consider giving them a go!

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