Quick and Easy Copywriting Improvements and Tips You Can Do Today

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Coloured PencilsBuilding a successful blog or website requires dedication. You need a lot of quality content, a great design, effective marketing strategies and a smart organic traffic solution that boosts traffic to your website. Juggling all of this can be stressful. Focusing on the bigger picture, it can be all too easy to overlook simple yet important changes that can make content more effective. This type of improvement can help with SEO and marketing strategies, and will ensure that those who do find your website stick around long enough to enjoy and interact with its content. Because of this, we’ll outline a few simple copywriting improvements and changes you can make in just a few minutes.

Change Your Titles and Descriptions

If your content seems to be ranking well in Google or Bing search results but is otherwise not drawing a lot of traffic, then it may be time to consider changing the obvious. If people are not clicking on your content, altering both the title and meta description may be a quick and easy route to increased traffic. If you notice this dynamic but don’t act quickly, then search engines may gradually downgrade the content due to it resonating with nobody. This takes just a couple of minutes and can substantially improve traffic from search engines.

Customize Titles and Copy for Each Social Media Network

Many copywriters and brands have automated major segments of their content marketing and distribution routines. This results in blog posts and pages pinging servers on all social media networks with the same title, images and copy. There is ample evidence to suggest that buzzwords and phrases that perform well and increase clicks on one social network do not necessarily do so on another. Try experimenting with different titles, headlines, images and landing pages for each social network, and see what optimizes your engagement rates for each.

Contact Influencers

We all know that influencers can be very useful in delivering for our brands and blogs in the form of links and mentions. Unfortunately, the tactics used to achieve this in many cases are very transparent on the part of the brand doing the outreach. Instead, take just a couple of minutes to reach out to an influencer and thank/compliment them on a recent post or article written by them. While there is no short-term reward in doing this, it may create the conditions for a more established relationship which can lead to influencer potential for your brand in the future.

Seek Out Question-based Content

Some of the best pieces of content on the web can be found in the form of a question. Take a couple of minutes today and peruse sites like Quora and Reddit, using keywords associated with your blog or brand to find relevant question discussions. These questions can provide you with great insight and new opportunities for posts and content in the future. Whether you decide to write a FAQs-based post addressing a variety of questions, a tutorial or something else, using this tactic is a quick way to brainstorm ideas that you can start pinging servers and search engines with later.

All of these tips can be done in mere minutes. Tell us about your copywriting quick tips below!


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