What Are the Target Metrics for Highly Visible GMB Profiles?

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Being visible in local search results requires effort that maximizes local relevance and incorporates many of the same broad-based SEO tactics used in targeting broader SERPs as well. It shouldn’t be surprising that Google’s embrace of locally-relevant search results has transformed how many brands target audiences and niches, leading to more refined listings for various local users.

Google My Business profiles are a commonly-recommended pursuit for brands with presences in local markets and who want to target individuals requesting information based on their current location. These GMB profiles can be customized in a variety of ways, but what do the most prominent GMB profiles have in common?

Today, we’ll look at specific metrics of GMB profiles and the thresholds reached among them that are common among the most prominent locally visible contenders.

Completed Profile Information

It might seem like a no-brainer, but Google My Business profiles work best when brands fill out as much profile information as possible. Even the average high-performing GMB profile isn’t pinging to Google information for every field, but ensuring basic info such as name, address and phone – along with hours of operation and other vital metrics – are filled out can dramatically increase the chances of your profile being visible in local results.

Additionally, adding relevant multimedia to showcase information and/or basic amenities seems to correlate strongly with highly-visible GMB profiles.

Reviews and Questions

Every brand and business has likely already heard about the importance of reviews, but it bears repeating once again when specifically discussing GMB profiles. The average high-profile GMB listing has dozens of reviews; some might say that more visible entries likely drive more reviews, but more engagement in general has consistently been outlined as a ranking factor for local search results.

Additionally, GMB profiles with more questions tend to do better as well. Even if it’s just a couple, making sure that you (or someone else with accurate information) answers these questions as soon as they appear can further increase engagement.

Social Media

A meaningful segment of highly-visible GMB profiles in local results utilize social media regularly. Not only that, but their social media links are also integrated in their GMB profiles.

By doing this, you can ensure greater visibility of your social media activity in these relevant local SERPs and drive more traffic to your social media platforms as well. Additionally and as if it needed saying, there does appear to be a meaningful – albeit not intensely strong – correlation between social media integration and GMB profile visibility.

Owner Verification

Last but not least, it should go without saying that you need to take ownership of your GMB profile in order to do most of what was mentioned above – and for it to rank prominently. Through owner verification, you can dramatically boost the chances of your profile pinging to Google users in their local search results. Without a verified profile, the chances of ranking in competitive SERPs can drop by half or more.

Ultimately, focusing on verification of ownership, utilizing social media effectively, maximizing the number of questions/answers and reviews you earn, and completing as much profile info as possible can maximize long-term visibility. Professional brands that take their local search efforts seriously through platforms like GMB can enjoy meaningful gains with relatively little effort.

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