Building Success with Google+ Hangouts

Hanging AroundSince its inception, Google Plus has received a lot of attention but has yet to capitalize on social media in the same way that bigger networks like Facebook and Twitter have managed to do. While some scoff at Google Plus because of this dynamic, others have taken advantage of ample opportunities to carve out their niche using this network. Notable features – such as Google Authorship – have made Google Plus a prime target for those who want to boost marketing potential and capitalize on search rankings in key niches. Google+ Hangouts is another feature that can bring added attention to your brand, but what is it about? We’ll discuss the main tenets of this in the following article.

The Premise

Google+ Hangouts allows individuals to have live video conversations with up to ten followers at once, which has obvious advantages. Small businesses and brands can use this feature as a way to connect with one another for free in a format similar to teleconferencing, and the video chat is a private dialogue that is only viewable to those who are invited. In addition to private features, you can also create Google+ Hangouts that are open to the public and allow anyone to see what the discussion is all about – this feature is referred to as a Hangout on Air. Through this, you can be pinging users with information about your products, services or a new feature being offered.

Benefits of Hangout

Those who innovate tend to succeed, so Hangout is a great way to provide access to users on areas of your brand and allow for interactive feedback. Google Hangouts give users the ability to demonstrate their experience and expertise in a field, and can work wonders for communicating your brand’s identity to followers. Studies show that personal forms of online communication – those that involve audio and video – can lead to a more loyal following and help build long-term relationships with customers. Because of all of this, you will be able to slowly build a type of brand recognition that is relatively unheard of in the world of social networking today.

Setting Up A Hangout

If you want to set up one of these Hangouts and begin pinging users with content, then navigate to the main drop-down menu in Google Plus. From there, you can select “Start a Hangout on Air”. You will then be asked to give it a name and to tell people what it is about. You can also dictate whether this is a public or private hangout. If you want to include specific people, you can tag them when creating the hangout and it will send them an invite. The event can be scheduled in advance and you can use hashtags to help people find your hangout based on the topics it will cover (if it is public). A link will be provided and can then be shared on Google Plus and elsewhere, which is helpful in letting others know about your event ahead of time.


Anyone who wants to get the message out about their products, services or expertise can benefit from Google Hangouts. All you need is a web camera, a few followers and a few minutes of time to set up one and begin broadcasting your message to the world. As marketing continues to become more niche-based, ideas such as these will be the driving force behind successful start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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