Optimize Your Conversion Rates with These Four Tips

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Conversion RatesThere are a number of ways in which we go about generating conversions. We may use paid search to drive people to our websites, SEO to boost our organic search potential, or engage in social media campaigns to create both paid and organic responses, but the overall goals are similar. You may be having success when it comes to driving traffic to the intended pages, but if the number of leads generated are low or virtually non-existent, then something must be amiss. Finding out what is wrong with respect to poor conversion rates can be a struggle when done on your own, but narrowing down the culprits to a few likely contenders will make the process easier. Below, we’ll talk about four ways to optimize your conversion rates and discover what may be at the root of your current problems.

Ensure You Have a Proper Landing Page

The most important element to any conversion plan and an ideal number of leads generated from it is the landing page. If your landing page is pinging users with inaccurate or off-topic information, for instance, then they are not going to engage with it; “I thought I was coming to a website about this, but it is really about that”. Another mistake many people make is linking directly to the home page instead of a landing page. You should strive to have a unique landing page for each one of your ad campaigns. This way, the precise wording of the ad campaign can be matched to the content of the landing page. Landing pages are used both as a segway to the greater purpose or goals that you have and as a way to generate calls to action.

Test Your Pages

After you have a landing page for your ad campaign, your efforts are not yet done. In order to get the most effective use out of your campaign possible, you’ll want to engage in A/B testing. This revolves around creating multiple, slightly different variations of your landing page and then measuring the stats for each one to see which one(s) do best. You may discover that multiple elements across various landing pages are creating better results, and may wish to combine these elements to make the most of the benefits.

Stay Above the Fold

Whatever the goal is of your conversion efforts and landing pages, you’ll want to keep it visible to your visitors. In order to do so, you’ll want to keep calls to action, subscription forms and all other links “above the fold”, or above the point at which someone would have to scroll down to see it. A landing page should be simple and to the point, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to start pinging users with all of this information at the top of any landing page.

Incorporate Multimedia

Whether it’s on websites on social media pages, videos and photos almost always enhance the likelihood of someone sharing, clicking or subscribing. In order to boost conversion rates even more than you may be enjoying now, be sure to incorporate various forms of multimedia (without overdoing it or violating the “above the fold” rule mentioned above) into your pitch and approach.

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