Four On-Page SEO Tools You Can’t Miss Out On

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Four SEO ToolsWith Google making changes to its algorithms on a consistent basis, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything you need to know. One wrong move or an outdated assumption can wreak havoc on your ability to ascend the rankings within Google, Bing and others, so you want to have every tool at your disposal in this fight – and more importantly, you want to make sure they are effective. With so many paid SEO tools and services out there, many think that making progress in this area costs money. While there are some great premium solutions out there, you can also find several free utilities that provide ample benefit. Below, we’ll discuss four of these free on-page SEO tools so that you can act today and begin boosting your potential.

The usefulness of Google’s Autocomplete feature is often underappreciated, but some tools make the most of its potential. functions by constantly pinging to Google and retrieving what you need to know when designing long-tail keywords. All you have to do is enter a keyword or phrase, and the utility will spit out more than 500 different long-tail keyword suggestions you can use to reach more targeted search markets. For those working in multiple countries and markets, you’ll even be able to choose which particular Google domain you wish to target.


Part of being successful in search is ensuring that you have original content. While we often hear about what will happen if you plagiarize others, what about when someone plagiarizes you? Copyscape is a popular solution (with both free and premium versions available) that in this case, can allow you to find any instances of your content that has been copied elsewhere on the web. You’ll simply need to navigate to Copyscape, input the URL of your content and run a search. If any results out there resemble your content, you’ll quickly be able to find them and take matters into your own hands.


If you currently have a large website with hundreds or thousands of pages, performing SEO audits and assessing your performance can be quite difficult. With ScreamingFrog, however, you’ll be able to quickly determine how well your site’s pages are optimized – up to 500 for free! Perfect for finding duplicate pages, incorrect redirects and other technical issues, ScreamingFrog is a popular solution for those who are pinging to Google a vast array of pages but who do not have the time to check them all.


A quick analysis of your pages’ performances and compliance with Google is essential in improving on-page SEO. Feedthebot can be used to determine how well your site is optimized from a mobile perspective, whether it complies with Google’s guidelines, how well your images are indexed and categorized, whether your social media is performing as it should, and more. This free utility is also great for assessing page speed and the structure of your CSS files. If your site has any major problems that could impact its search engine rankings, you’ll be likely to find them with FeedtheBot.


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    Nice post for me. I didn’t know about the existence of KeywordTool.Io and FeedTheBot. I have used Copyscape and Screamfrog and hope keywordtool and feedthebot will be as effective as them.


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