Three Resources for Syncing WordPress Posts with Social Media

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Wordpress HandThe demands of content marketing these days can be strenuous on everyone. From simple bloggers to big businesses, the need to deliver content in a consistent and thorough way has never been more extensive. Social media plays a huge role in content marketing, allowing brands and individuals alike to serve various forms of content to their niche audiences in a variety of mediums. While many people prefer to post directly to their websites and blogs before sharing to social media, there are ways in which posting to the site can simultaneously post to all social media accounts. Below, we’ll review three resources that can be used to sync your WordPress posts across all of your social media accounts.

JetPack – Publicize

Jetpack has been a very popular WordPress plug-in for years and has offered many different features to help brands get the word out through various forms of content. The JetPack – Publicize add-on allows brands to quickly sync up their social media accounts with WordPress’ post features in order to deliver content as needed across each social media account. If you want to be pinging users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Google Plus simultaneously, then the Publicize feature is definitely one of the add-ons you’ll want to enable with this plug-in. This utility will even utilize the featured image from each WordPress post as the featured image on these social media shares. Publicize is free, so be sure to try it out today!


Also known as the Social Networks Auto Poster, SNAP is an excellent plug-in that can be used with virtually any WordPress theme or template. Once you are done creating and formatting your WordPress posts, you will then be able to configure each to publish to Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr and many other less common social media platforms. Specifically with Facebook, SNAP can be configured to post either as your brand page or through a personal profile to all types of platforms – groups, personal profiles and business pages. It can be configured to use hashtags and images on Twitter, as well as configured to occasionally repost older forms of content on a recurring basis. Many people rave about SNAP and its plethora of features that make it a content marketer’s dream.


Long popular among social media managers for its ability to sync easily across multiple social media and web platforms, Hootsuite is a great premium utility that can be used with or independently of a WordPress platform. With the use of RSS, users can quickly configure their website’s posts to be displayed across all social media platforms via the Hootsuite system. Basic configuration protocols can be configured to ensure that the content from your RSS feeds are shared in a precise manner on social media, which is very easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. URL shorteners, refresh times and a variety of other features can also be configured to ensure optimal functionality of this utility.

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