Messy Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

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Scattered PinsThe need to promote your products, services and brand through various marketing strategies has never been stronger. It is without a doubt one of the biggest challenges brands that exist to increase exposure face today. There are many different ways in which to successfully market a product or brand, with a variety of different mediums and strategies that can be used. Unfortunately, not all aspects of marketing are equally successful or effective, and this can lead to some pretty big mistakes if you’re not careful. We’ll review some messy marketing mistakes that you might be making currently so that you can avoid repeating them in the future.

Giving It All Away

Many brands utilize discounts, giveaways and other promotional techniques as part of their marketing strategy. This can truly be an effective strategy and one that generates massive amounts of new interest, engagement and purchases. However, too many discounts and giveaways can create a negative situation. Those who follow your brand, purchase products from you and otherwise know who you are will begin to develop conditioning to this dynamic; with frequent discounts or free goods, why would they pay regular price or otherwise not wait until the next promotion? Additionally, this tactic will lose its effectiveness – that of a temporary but large burst in consumer activity – over time and you’ll just be pinging noise, as people will grow to learn that they can take advantage of your promotion again in the very near future if they don’t feel like buying today.

Failing to Maintain Strong Bonds

Convincing visitors and consumers to convert in some way through your marketing efforts is the name of the game for many brands. It can result in some very clever and sophisticated marketing techniques. Unfortunately, there are too many brands and businesses that fail to provide the same intimate, detailed and thorough experiences for people once they have signed-up, subscribed or made a purchase. Loyalty to your potential converts and leads will help create first-time customers and subscribers, but loyalty to those people once they’ve converted will create life-long, loyal ambassadors and returning customers/subscribers. Successful brands rely on people who come back again and again: do not forget to continue your successful marketing strategies with those who you’ve already won, or you’ll just be pinging noise at them whenever you try to do future outreach!

Settling Once You’ve “Made It”

Many brands become as successful as they always dreamed, if not more so. This is a rewarding experience for all of that hard work and dedication. Whether you are selling something, providing a free service, or otherwise reliant upon a steady stream of people, the notion of feeling like “I’ve made it” is a powerful one. Unfortunately, many people in this position may begin to relax or otherwise abandon key marketing concepts once they have seen the level of success and prosperity they always desired. Always remember that marketing is a never-ending strategy. Most online brands do not have business models where they suddenly become 100% sustainable after attracting a set number of people. You must always be dedicated to marketing efforts that ensure a steady stream of customers, readers or subscribers continue to visit your website, engage in the desired ways and spread the word.


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