Build a Better Business with These Productive Tools

Jigsaw PuzzleSqueezing every last bit of efficiency out of your day-to-day business or brand operations is crucial for long-term success. With tighter profit margins, less time and more demands than ever before, getting more done in a given day is crucial – whether you’re a one-person operation or a multi-national conglomerate. Being efficient while on the computer and on the web, fortunately, has never been easier, thanks to a variety of tools and resources now available. Below, we’ll review a few productive tools available to you that can help keep you on task, organized and ready to get more done starting today.


A rather simple yet popular utility, Dropbox has helped bring cloud storage to the masses. For free, users can enjoy up to 2 GB of storage that can be accessed anywhere in the world and across multiple devices. Simply install the program, login, and drop whatever you wish into the Dropbox folder in order to be synced up with vital files and folders anywhere, anytime. Pinging links to important files to fellow employees has never been easier. Need more space? Dropbox can be upgraded to Dropbox Business, which offers up to 5 TB of data for users at just $15 per month. You can download Dropbox here.


A perfect tool for reaching out to current or prospective customers and users, Intercom makes it possible to communicate in a more productive fashion. With Intercom, you can monitor recent customer service inquiries, sign-up statuses and other vital interactions that need a bit of a personal touch. If you want to reach out to a potential customer who signed up for an account one week ago but hasn’t done anything since, then Intercom allows you to do so. In addition, you can field real-time customer service inquiries with the utility, making it possible to have your own in-house lead generation or customer support solution during business hours. Intercom has different packages available that include live chat, marketing automation, customer feedback and customer support, all starting at just $49 per month.


Yet another way to make it possible for employees and visitors alike to get more from their experiences, Youcanbookme is a great tool that allows people to see what times and dates are available for making appointments. This can be used internally to schedule events, meetings and other day-to-day tasks, but it can also be used to help customers, users and visitors determine when best to connect with you. It not only offers the ability to determine what’s going on or what can be scheduled, but the tool also allows people to setup appointments of their own with you. Perfect for anyone who needs to be pinging links to important upcoming events or who simply needs to be finding your next available time, Youcanbookme has a free option and a paid option.


These three tools are just a few of the many productivity and efficiency solutions businesses can be using on a daily basis to be more effective. With the ability to sync files and content, review and schedule appointments, and interact in real time, Youcanbookme, Dropbox and Intercom each offer something of value for the modern business.

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