Three Less-Common Ways to Begin Sharing Brand Content Today

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Connecting Hands Content creators are familiar with all of the most common ways in which to share their content with audiences. Through the use of social media, email, search engines and paid advertisements across all mediums, content can easily be distributed with varying degrees of success. What some fail to embrace, however, is that each of these mediums is multi-faceted in terms of how content can be promoted. Within all of these mediums is an ability to circulate content in more creative ways, providing content creators with an added boost to their existing strategies. Below, we’ll discuss three less-common ways to begin sharing your brand’s content today that may not currently be on your radar.

Optimize Email for Content Promotion

Your email list may be used for a variety of promotional opportunities. You may wish to reach out to subscribers about a new product change, a hot new video, or a charitable endeavour your brand is involved with currently. Each and every email presents an opportunity to more adequately market content – and not just any individual piece of content, but multiple pieces. Many successful marketers are pinging users in every email with a list of recent posts for their consideration. This can be done in relatively non-invasive fashion with well-designed emails, and the results when coupled with quality content can be astounding.

Inclusive Social Media Promotion

You already use social media to get the word out about new pieces of content, but you may not be using every opportunity available. For those brands that only post content to their social media status feeds, they are missing out on prime real estate. If you have a great piece of content that deserves more exposure, then consider placing a link to it within your cover photo on Facebook. If you use sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Facebook again, you can include direct links to this content in your bio, about pages and in portfolio links. Each one of these areas gets traffic and exposure – albeit not as much as your status feeds, but every bit adds up – and can go a long way toward augmenting exposure when combined with an array of other marketing strategies.

Take Advantage of Alternative Social Media

Sites such as Reddit and Scoop.It can be excellent venues through which to promote content that is genuinely informative, helpful or otherwise engaging. To be clear: pinging users on these networks with bland, generic content that only promotes a brand will result in zero engagement, ridicule and possible banishment from the networks. Instead of risking it, only use these networks when you have a truly excellent piece of content to share with others. As popularity fuels the visibility of content on these networks more so than on traditional social media networks, your great content has a better chance of truly shining if it resonates with the target audience.


By taking advantage of alternative social media networks, utilizing each email sent as a potential promotional tool for other content and making the most of available space on social media profiles, your brand’s content can be more readily seen (and therefore shared) by individuals inside and outside of your current reach.

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