Excellent Ways to Recycle Your Brand’s Blog Content

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RecycleIn the quest of producing valuable content on a consistent basis, we may run out of ideas from time to time. These situations are perfectly normal and occur quite frequently for those who write about the same topic or idea for a living. Fortunately, there are many ways in which to get around this. Some people simply need to take a break, relax and center themselves before carving out that next great piece of content. If you do not have time to take away from your busy blogging schedule, though, then re-purposing old content may be a viable solution – and can be done without any search engine penalties. Below, we will discuss a few ways in which you can take any piece of content and give it new life.

Create A Video

With most blogging platforms now offering multimedia functionality, it makes sense that an increasing number of bloggers have started to recycle existing pieces of content on their websites in order to create videos. Whether you are pinging a website‘s latest piece of content to Instagram via Vine or to your blog, videos garner more attention on average than static text and images. Best of all, there is no penalty associated with the production of video content that reiterates a similar concept (Google and other search engines are not that intelligent, yet).

Utilize SlideShare

Slideshare – which seemingly came out of nowhere and has become immensely popular over the past year – is another great way in which you can recycle content without any worries of SEO penalties or gaps in between published pieces of content. Much easier than the production of a video, SlideShare can be utilized to break down any existing piece of content into multiple slides. This presentation can be quickly embedded into any blog post in order to provide users with an informational presentation on a subject. This approach can often lead to higher response rates, as users are more likely to peruse a difficult subject via slide than if it is simple text and imagery.

Build an E-book

If your blog has been focused on one particular subject for months or years on end, then chances are that you have tons of valuable content that can give greater insight into that topic. Many people have found that this content can be used to effectively create a variety of e-books, some of which may be offered for free as a way to gain attention or with a cost if they are truly substantive. Much like the other recommendations above, the creation of an e-book can be relatively simple with the content already published – you will only need to categorize, organize and refine certain elements in order to make it publisher-ready.

Any blogger who feels stumped when it comes to pinging a website with new content creation can find a temporary solution through the recycling of older content. Whether you wish to construct a presentation, podcast, video or e-book, there are a variety of formats (including others not mentioned here) that can inject new life into your blog with the same material.

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