Great Ideas for Facebook Live Content

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Generating buzz via social media is a bit easier than it looks. Some brands have great success due a combination of microtargeting, paid ad campaigns and thorough understanding of their audiences. This takes both time and money to achieve; not all brands find themselves in the position to immediately jump on this. If you’re wanting to attract a veritable fountain of new visitors and subscribers through Facebook, then you might be considering Facebook Live as one content solution. Below, we’ll help jumpstart your brainstorming by giving you a few great ideas for content you can produce via Facebook Live.

Question and Answer Sessions

Have a curious audience? Planning on targeting a particular niche in which you have authority? Then why not consider setting up a question-and-answer session and/or a AMA? This format of live streaming is very useful at producing engagement, as not only does it help give your followers a form of content that is easily digestible, but it also compels them to interact with you in real time. It is through this live stream that you may be able to reassure potential customers, convert fans into loyal followers and showcase your brand’s authority on a particular subject. Since live videos can be viewed at a later date as well, you’ll also have an authoritative form of content you can use for pinging users with periodically in the future as well.

Current Events Hype

Live streaming is great because it relates to the here and now. One excellent way to connect with your audience is to respond to events in real-time, whether they have direct relation to your brand or not. There are many ways in which to engage audiences with late-breaking news and commentary. A simple forum where news events are discussed in a fair-handed way can be a great tactic for reaching audiences you might not otherwise encounter. Likewise, being able to cover in real time sudden happenings surrounding your own niche will result in your stream quickly spreading throughout said niche, giving you more opportunities to interact with people.


Do you offer a product or service that may require some explanation? Is your niche one that covers a variety of different – but complex – things? If so, put your authority and knowledge to good use by providing followers with a variety of tutorials and how-to live feeds. This form of content will forever remain relevant to many and can be an excellent way to demonstrate value to those who are seeing your brand for the first time. When coupled with an advertising campaign, there is ample potency in this particular type of Facebook Live streaming. By pinging users with content that assists them, you’ve demonstrated value as a brand and that will result in more people counting on you for assistance in the future.

There are dozens of ways that you can use Facebook Live to connect with your audiences, promote products and services, and build rapport. Have you used Facebook Live in conjunction with any other methods to attract attention? If so, let us know how it worked out for you below in the comments.

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