When Does it Make Sense to Outsource Your SEO?

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The importance of SEO marketing in ensuring the success of online ventures is not exclusive knowledge anymore and consequently, everyone wants to get the most from it, irrespective of the brand’s size or industry. Does that mean you should consider outsourcing your SEO to experts in the field, or is it okay to handle it in-house? Well, the answer would have to be in favour of outsourcing your SEO marketing, but rather than getting straight to a conclusion, let’s go through a brief analysis of the situation to understand why and when it makes sense to outsource your SEO.

Is It Cost-Efficient?

An in-house SEO solution is almost always going to be more expensive because you will have to maintain and pay a whole department catering to the company’s SEO needs. On the other hand, an external SEO service will be able to take care of everything and it won’t cost even nearly as much as it would if you were to maintain your own team of SEO experts. Therefore, it is most certainly the more cost-efficient option, especially for small businesses that do not exactly have an unlimited marketing budget.

Will Outsourcing Yield Better Results?

Even if you have a dedicated SEO department in the company, they are not likely to be able to match the results produced by a dedicated set of professionals, who exclusively cater to the complex SEO needs for companies from a vast range of different industries on a regular basis. Therefore, outsourcing SEO will most likely yield better results for your business. Once you factor in the cost-efficiency we discussed in the previous point, outsourcing starts to seem like the only logical option really.

Can You Trust Outsourced SEO to Produce Results?

Perhaps the biggest concern and the most valid argument against outsourcing SEO is whether or not an external organization can be trusted to deliver results that reflect what they promised in the beginning. The truth is that there are SEO marketers out there that are not trustworthy and, therefore, you should only trust a company based on their reputation in the market, and willingness to talk and explain every step of the process. Trial periods are also not a bad idea to test out your outsourcing options and see which one delivers the best results.

Do You Have Enough Time On Your Hands?

Search engine optimization is a very complex subject that requires a lot of knowledge, understanding and years of experience to be implemented successfully. Even if someone manages to get acquainted with the basics, it will take a long time before that person can produce any positive results. Therefore, unless you have that necessary knowledge already, it is time to consider outsourcing your SEO to professionals.

Is It the Right Option for Your Company?

External or outsourced SEO is ideal for small to medium companies, as they do not need to overspend on creating and maintaining a whole SEO department. Therefore, if you can relate your company to everything we just discussed, outsourcing your SEO campaigns is indeed the right option for your business.


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