Losing Valuable Visitors? Stop the Bleeding with These Conversion Tricks

Coloured BandagesTime and time again, businesses and brands reach out to various audiences and markets in an attempt to make an impression, only to fall short in the execution. While nominal traffic may be a good sign that your broader marketing efforts are working, an inability to convert those visitors into something more indicates a bigger underlying problem. Through your calls to action, landing pages and conversion efforts, you should be able to generate some form of success in the form of customers, subscribers or followers. If your visitors are coming and going with no conversion success, then continue reading to find out how you can reverse the flow and improve your conversion rates.

Minimize the Focus

Whether you are using a landing page or are trying to appeal to readers directly from your website, it is essential that you minimize the amount of clutter and distractions that are visible when making your pitch. Inevitably, the more distractions that exist around your call to action, the greater the likelihood of the reader clicking off of the page and/or going somewhere else. Some elements you’ll want to be sure to eliminate around your calls to action include other advertisements, sidebars and unnecessary/unrelated photography and imagery. You want the focus to be on one thing: your pitch. Be sure that you’re not pinging noise to readers with a variety of other distractions.

Deliver Elaborate Content

While your call to action should be as simple and direct as possible, you want to focus on delivering as much relevant and persuading information as possible in the run-up to it. By providing an elaborate yet relevant amount of content in the run-up to your pitch, you will be able to answer any questions the reader might have ahead of time, provide them with a fuller picture of what they can expect and otherwise assuage any of their other concerns. Testimonials, benefits and personal stories are all acceptable elements to include in any copy that’s designed to persuade and convert. Just be sure to keep the content relevant to the overall pitch, product and/or service.

Repeat Your Pitch

With an elaborate amount of content in the form of your pitch, you’ll have plenty of opportunities in which to make your pitch. Who said you only get one chance in which to ask the reader to engage? Throughout your copy, you should strive to insert multiple calls to action, whether they use the same overall pitch or a variety of different approaches. People often need to be reminded of what it is you want them to do, and there is no harm in inserting your call to action multiple times throughout – in fact, it can actually help improve conversion rates! It’s always a good idea to open with your pitch, insert it at least once throughout the body of your copy and to close with it as well.

Conversion optimization can be a tricky and complex task, but a few small changes can go a long way toward improving overall performance. What other tips have you used to improve conversion rates? Tell us below about them.

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