Three Key Elements for Expanding Your Marketing Effectiveness

Number ThreeOnline marketing campaigns can be daunting, expensive and brutal. With so much competition in most niches today, only the very best marketing campaigns truly deliver worthwhile results. It can be difficult to stay on message and on track with so many challenges, but a narrow focus can likewise be deleterious to overall success. Many marketers make several different mistakes when pursuing a strategy that seeks to expand traffic, reach and their bottom lines, but we’ve put together a list of three key elements that any marketing effort should consider when reaching out to new audiences on the web.

Diversify Your Marketing Venues

Perhaps the largest mistake many marketers make in the pursuit of traffic and revenue is the focus on just one or two different platforms. Many people look to Google first and foremost, due to its popularity and ease of use. However, there are many other marketing platforms out there through which you can reach a wide swath of individuals. Facebook, Twitter and a variety of other social media networks can produce equal amounts of reach and can simultaneously be used to whittle down audiences to effectively target niches. For those who love Google AdWords, it’s important to also remember that people can be targeted via Gmail Ads. Anyone who prefers pinging links via search engines should also remember to take advantage of other search engines like Bing when developing a well-balanced marketing campaign.

Be Proactive and Responsive

Businesses have to market in order to expand their bottom lines. Customers understand that businesses will cater to them in the form of marketing. While some people may not like pandering, it it is expected. Where many marketing efforts fall short, however, is in the interactive approach. Potential customers or subscribers should feel as if they can reach out easily to you. Likewise, when they do, they expect prompt, detailed and courteous responses. Your marketing campaigns should incorporate an element of inclusiveness and customer service in order to increase the likelihood of clicks and purchases. By including elements in every marketing campaign that let people know you are truly there to hear their questions and concerns, you’ll improve efficiency for each campaign.

Produce Content Galore

The overall objective of marketing is to persuade and convert. In order to do so, you’ll need more than just a basic pitch. There are plenty of different methods that can be used to convert individuals, but at the core of every successful effort is a load of quality content. Whether you are marketing in an organic or paid fashion, pinging links to thin content is an absolute non-starter. While you don’t want to overload your visitors on landing pages, providing content-rich solutions through the use of infographics, videos, reviews and other forms of content will help reassure your visitors that they have made the right choice. You don’t have to put it all up front at once, but be sure that a rich assortment of content is easily accessible from each page or post that you promote.

In order to enhance your marketing strategy above and beyond the competition, you’ll need to


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