Three Simple Tools That Can Boost Content Marketing Effectiveness

Red Cherries As SEO wanes in influence and content marketing becomes more important, an increasing amount of focus in the industry pertains to how content can be created more effectively and more rapidly. With a variety of ways in which content marketing can serve brands, it comes as no surprise that a variety of tools and programs continue to be unveiled that make it possible for writers and content creators in general to get more efficiency out of each creation. Knowing which tools provide the most benefit is crucial in being efficient with your time and marketing endeavours. Because of this, we’ve put together a list of simple content marketing tools that any content creator will want to use in order to accomplish just that.


If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to research keyword efficiency as you are writing or publishing content, then you know how much back and forth can be involved. From tab to tab, you collect information, copy and paste it here and there, and inevitably hope to find what works best. With tools like Squirrly, however, the process just got a whole lot simpler. This WordPress plugin can be used within the post editor to quickly determine which keywords are the best choices and it provides insight on how to further optimize all of your posts. By scanning the article, it will suggest various keywords to you that can be capitalized on to increase rankings and the number of people who will find your content.

Google Analytics

Once content is deployed, its effectiveness can only be determined by how people interact with it. While we may consider the content we produce to be excellent, the public will inevitably be the judge of that. Google Analytics will allow you to learn more about your audience and how they engage with each individual piece of content. The information collected from these findings can help you understand where you are doing things right and where you have went wrong, making it easier to start pinging users with only the style and types of content they enjoy the most. Available for free, all webmasters and content creators should already be using Google Analytics to improve their content marketing fortunes.

Quick Sprout

A great tool for mining out what readers enjoy, Quick Sprout gives users the ability to determine what competitors are doing that resonate with their own followers. By entering in the URLs of your main competitors within a niche, Quick Sprout will display what each site is pinging users with and how popular each effort is with them. This can give you plenty of ideas for topics and types of content to use in your own content marketing efforts. While you may or may not be the best in your given niche, there is still plenty to learn from the competition: Quick Sprout helps you do that.


These three tools may be simple to use and have straightforward functions, but when combined with a proper content marketing strategy, they can all be part of an effective and efficient marketing plan.

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