Smart Ways to Boost Video Digital Marketing Potential

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Digital Marketing From more powerful mobile devices to integrated home electronics, the internet is certainly becoming a more multimedia-driven environment. With so many devices capable of handling larger amounts of data, it is only natural that users, shoppers and browsers are demanding more variance in their preferred forms of content. Video is now a very common element in marketing strategies – from email and social media to ads and search engines, it should come as no surprise that brands are leveraging video for maximum potential. If you could use a bit more oomph out of your digital marketing efforts, then continue reading to find out how your efforts can be improved via video.

Combine Video with Content

It has become quite common in recent years for news websites, media outlets and other content-driven portals to combine news and information with supplemental video. Many news websites publish their articles as any blogger or brand usually would, but also include a video that summarizes things at the top of the page. Some people are visual learners: by producing videos that contain many of the same points as your blog post, email pitch or social media blurb, you can help increase the number of people who absorb your information and act upon it. Pinging users with supplemental videos in this situation can help dramatically improve the effects of your video marketing strategy.

Use Live Video Streams

There are many different ways to reach out to people via video marketing, but some people forget about the potential of livestreaming video. Especially via social media, there is a lot of potential benefit in reaching interested subscribers, fans and customers via live streams. Facebook Live and Periscope via Twitter are two great ways to take advantage of this late-breaking trend. You can use this feature for anything from showcasing your physical storefront to providing a Q&A session on a specific topic of interest. Whatever elements or events you might show off via a standard video, you can often do the same in real time via a live video stream.

Product Demonstrations

If your brand is engaged in video marketing efforts with the goal being to sell more products, then you’ll definitely want to consider highlighting those products via a product demonstration. People want to know what they’re going to get before they make a purchase. While you can provide photos and even video that help explain the descriptions and specifications of product, a hands-on demonstration of the product in action can help really convince shoppers who are on the fence. You want to be pinging users with positive feelings about any product or service on sale, and a demonstration of the item or service goes a long way toward show-casing exactly what it can do for them.

Video marketing isn’t just about uploading a video and hoping for the best. It comprises many different strategies and techniques that aim to increase engagement, persuasion and sales. By using product demonstrations, live streams and combined content offerings, you can dramatically boost your video marketing potential. What are some other ways you’ve used video to increase marketing success? Let us know below.

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