Keep Your PPC Campaigns on Track with These Tips

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PPC CampaignAny web master, social media manager or marketer will tell you not all ad campaigns are created equally. There are various elements at play depending on your audience, the medium and the details used to promote your site, service or product. While you may do A/B testing on a regular basis and rotate various marketing and advertising efforts to reflect the season, many people do not periodically review their advertising campaigns in order to gain maximum efficiency. This neglect in relation to PPC campaigns can often mean a loss of potential business more so than a loss of ad revenue. If your PPC campaigns have been less than effective lately, then continue reading to find out how you can get them back on track.

Re-evaluate Your Goals

Whether your overall strategy is to be pinging for SEO or focusing on quality content creation, you need a PPC campaign strategy that fits this approach. Sometimes, our objectives can drift slowly but surely from one aspect of web management to another – before we know it, our older PPC campaign tactics are no longer suited for our current strategies. It is a great idea to review your goals every one to two months and see how your current PPC campaigns have performed relative to the objectives. Anyone who runs a PPC campaign without proper goal monitoring can expect very little in terms of prolonged success.

Verify Tracking Functionality

There are plenty of analytics tools and conversion trackers that you may have embedded on your website or blog to verify the successes (or failures) of your various PPC campaigns. What many may not realize is that tracking errors and failures are quite common, and can lead to a loss of monitoring that would otherwise paint a fuller picture of your campaigns’ performance. Whether you have moved your website recently, added new modules or redesigned a page, be sure to check that your tracking codes are still present and functioning with whichever analytics programs you currently use.

Adjust for Google Changes

Every now and then, Google will unveil dramatic shifts in the way that keyword quality scores are calculated and reported. Whenever this occurs, you will need to completely overhaul your strategies and re-establish your benchmarks in order to continue pinging for SEO-like benefits. Usually when this happens, marketers will notice a drop in their scores; if your previous 5 is now a 2, then you know that it is time to make adjustments. Many people may not pay much attention to this metric, but any drastic change in it signifies that Google has augmented the way your benchmarks are performing and that means many other advertisers are tweaking their campaigns.


Any successful PPC campaign must maintain a few simple ground rules for guaranteed and prolonged success. You will need to consistently evaluate each PPC campaign to ensure that it corresponds with your website, business or product’s goals. You also want to be sure to verify that your analytics tracking is in good order and that any changes made by Google or other ad campaign venues have not drastically affected visibility within your campaign’s niche. If you simply apply these three simple tips on a regular basis, you can ensure an updated, effective and well-documented PPC campaign exists.

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